A Hogwarts’ Homecoming

It’s time for the greatest class to celebrate 20 years!

Oh, my!  Senior pictures are so embarrassing!

Oh, my! Senior pictures are so embarrassing!

H. (Abbott) Longbottom, Special Correspondent

Twenty years after the greatest, craziest, and probably best class Hogwarts has ever seen graduated, it’s time for us all to get back together to celebrate!

The Class of 1998 was a diverse, charismatic (and gossipy but patient) class.  We had to endure seven different DADA professors, Dumbledore’s leaving twice and dying once, endless Harry Potter-related disruptions to our learning (even after he dropped out!), snake attacks, runaway prisoners, werewolf teachers, Delores Umbrage!, and even being forced to torture our fellow students.

We went through a lot and a lot of our time at school would be better forgotten, but we will never forget the friendships we made!

After twenty years, we can all meet up and laugh with old friends, cry over lost loved-ones, put our personal feelings aside when The-Boy-Who-Lived walks in and we all have to scrape and bow, and find out who we all became after twenty years in the wider wizarding world.

Join us at the Leaky Cauldron at 6:00 on the evening of Oct. 31 for a reunion like no other!  (I’m sure Harry will remind everyone that this is the anniversary of the date he defeated a bathroom troll, didn’t attack Mrs. Norris (maybe?), got entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament (stealing the glory of Cedric Diggory), and maybe even was conceived (back in 1979)).

To get the ball rolling, I think it would be fun if everyone could post something about their lives now.

I’m H. Longbottom, nee Abbott.  I was a part of Hufflepuff-Go, Badgers-and generally got on with schooling.  I was a bit of a nerd with good grades and I was editor of the yearbook.  I wasn’t one of the “cool kids” but I had a great friend group and I still see Ernie and his wife on occasion.  I now run the Leaky Cauldron and am married to my best friend, Neville.  He commutes to work at Hogwarts which takes a lot of time away from me, but I am pretty busy at work, too.  Maybe we will have some kids some day. Neville wants to name some kids after his parents and, as you all know, in the wizarding world, the husband gets to have all the say in naming kids (just look at what poor Ginny had to name her kids!), so I imagine we will charm out a boy and a girl so he can have his Frank and Alice.

Ok, I’d love to hear from someone I haven’t heard from in awhile-how about Zacharias???  You’re up!