Get Psyched About The MPIC

One of Coronado’s newest clubs is here to show students that there are two sides to every one of us.


Raven Sanchez, Staff Writer

It does not matter whether it is being anatomically observed or used to understand why humans feel passionate about something, any student who is interested in Psychology or in the Medical Field has their heart in the right place. Medical Psychology Interest Club, or the MPIC, is new to Coronado this year to provide insight for students planning their futures.

The MPIC is focused on helping students who want to work in the medical field or are interested in the field of psychology.

In their first few weeks of existence, the MPIC has been planning many events for their eager members. They have had one guest speaker, Coronado’s athletic trainer Ms. Reyes.  “We had Hazel, our school trainer come in and talk and teach students how to tape their ankles,” said Ms. Ury, who runs the club along with Mr. Richardson.

Ms. Ury and Mr. Richardson decide to start this club in hopes that other students would be as excited about these fields as they are. Ms. Ury is the Psychology teacher at Coronado and Mr. Richardson teaches Human Anatomy here, so their love of these fields comes from experience. “Mr. Richardson and I wanted to provide students a place to explore these fields. We both have an interest in these topics personally and professionally,” Ms. Ury stated.

The MPIC is currently working to accrue more guest speakers for its members. They hope to bring someone in who has both a medical and psychologically based career. Their goal, along with obtaining new club members, is to bring in a psychology nutritionist.

Anyone with an interest in these fields, even if it is not a huge one, is welcome to join. Students can expect to see more advertisements for this club in the near future and can contact Ms. Ury or Mr. Richardson using the email addresses below.

The club typically meets after school on Mondays in Mr. Richardson’s room; normal meetings end at 4, but the times may change depending on the activities done in each meeting. Any student interested will find this club enjoyable and will gain experience that could potentially benefit their futures; they are encouraged to listen to their heart, search through their brains, and make Coronado the best place to pursue their passions.

Ms. Ury: [email protected]

Mr. Richardson: [email protected]