Art- How to be a Successful Beginner


Kamhera Allen, Staff Writer

There are many different ways to make art. Making sure your art is detailed and that it stands out will make you become a better artist.


Usually artists have their own styles of art. They create an image of what they want to make or they base it off of something. They use a certain style or they can mix a bunch of styles together to make it their own. There are many ways you can create styles of your own to make them different from everyone else’s.


I interviewed my friend, a self-taught artist, Crystal Verde, grade 9, to ask her how she does her art. Crystal explained, “My art has inspiration from many different artists,” meaning that she pulls ideas from other art she sees to make it her own. “Still I try to form to where I’m most comfortable with it,” Crystal says. Making your art in your own style, how you want it to look, how you are most comfortable with it looking, helps. “I try to interpret a cartoon yet realistic style, though mine is mostly on the cartoon-ish side.” She takes cartoons that are similar to realistic and creates a new drawing while keeping it closer to looking like a cartoon.  A lot of practice goes into making art. Don’t expect to get it perfect when making artwork for the first time.

Crystal says “Depending on the art piece, I try to add detail to make the work pop,” meaning she adds any extra background, character, or last minute details to make it stand out from others.

Adding extra details to make your work stand out from others is important. If your artwork is a plain piece, add some background details or something extra to the characters, etc. Do anything you can or want to change up the art piece.


Maybe give the characters (or if it’s not characters) a backstory or personality. A personality or backstory can tell people why you decided to make this type of art.“I just feel like, what’s art without a story or past? It tells why the characters or work look the way they do.


Get inspired by other art work or make up your own. “My art is inspired by mythical creatures, to spiritual native American, to supernatural, to regular people” Crystal says. Using a real person and putting it into your own style can inspire many people to make their own art.

If you want to make your own piece of art, follow some of these tips to make it different.

  • Plan your work. Write and/or sketch ideas of what to make
  • Create a style. Use the style you already have or make a new one, (how you draw eyes, mouths, bodies, hand, etc.) Or how realistic and/or cartoon-ish the work is.
  • Give the art a personality and/or backstory. Tell the people what your art means to you
  • Add background details or accessories to the work, make it seem realistic or cartoon-ish.
  • Pick some materials to make it with. Use pencils, pens, markers, draw online, etc.
  • Post your work. Share it with the world (if you want to). Sharing your art can get others inspired and it could make you a popular or famous artist. 🙂
  • Joining an art class. There’s all types of art classes to join. There’s photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, woodworking, digital media, etc. Many people are self taught though, so it’s okay it you don’t want to join art classes.


Coronado art classes include freehand drawing, jewelry, photography, etc. Although many of Coronado’s award-winning artists have graduated, classes continue to build and encourage young talent at Coronado. There is a bunch of amazing artwork such as drawings, painted ceramic, etc. located in the hallway of the Tech building, also where the art classes are located.