Ramble Review: Halloween (2018)


Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

It was just this past Wednesday that I saw the new Halloween movie. The one that I guess had been hyped up . Normally slasher movies or horror movies in general aren’t my typical rodeo, as I am just not a fan of them. I didn’t like them at first because I thought they were scary but now I don’t like them because of something called The X-Files .


While this horror movie was no exception to scaring me, I ended up liking it. I believe it was due to the violence and not the gore that got me to like it. That’s another reason why I don’t like horror movies: over use of gore is lame.


The plot was fun too. Forty years after the events of the first Halloween, Michael Myers (Nick Castle) is in a mental facility being studied by doctors. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), has trauma from the first events and fears the return of Michael. Everyone thinks she is just mental and ignores her warning that he has escaped, this then is like a Jurassic World situation as they go around running from and trying to kill Michael.


I would say despite me not seeing any of the other Halloweens, mainly the first one (the one that counts), I enjoyed the movie. I would say that for me it gets a seven out of ten. I’m not a big fan and I wasn’t looking at this in a critical manner. I do have to say that I did like that they ignored all the other Halloween movies, as there are too many sequels, and made this the direct sequel. Now this is typically the part where after I give the score I go and review parts of the movie, and give my opinion on them if I felt strongly about them. That means this is the part where I ask you to leave if you haven’t seen the movie and plan on doing so. Also remember just because I like it doesn’t mean you need to.


Let me get this army of little ants off my chest first, because I need to. The two journalists in the movie made me think about my class, that was until the part when they get killed. In a bathroom stall the female journalist named Dana has an encounter with Michael. She screams out for help from her fellow journalist who comes in to save her. He bashes Michael in the head with a crowbar, this frees the Dana from Michael’s arms. She moronically runs back into the bathroom stall, and screams while her partner gets his head bashed in. Now let me say that again, she stands in the stall while her partner is dying. Not only does she not help him but she also makes his death be in vain by not leaving while Michael is distracted. I’m sorry but as far as dumb people in horror go she is one of the dumbest. She should have helped her partener out in the first place when he drops the crow bar. This is probably the only scene that really made me angry at the level of stupidity the lady shows. I do feel bad for her though, since she was scared. All in all though, I don’t think they should have named her Dana, as the main female character’s first name on the X-Files is Dana. Dana from the X-Files is smart and is not weak like the poor journalist.


The only other part that got me mad was when the jerk boyfriend didn’t die and also almost got Allyson (the granddaughter) killed. He throws her phone into some pudding or whatever it is, all because he messed up, and he wanted to be forgiven. What a dumb reason. They don’t see each other again after that so we don’t get any resolve.


My favorite character throughout the whole movie has to be Laurie, as far as characters like  Ripleys, Trises and Katnisses go, there are now Lauries because she was a bad… um… bad… a dangerous woman, yeah that works. She stands in her own category though when talking about cool characters in movies. She trained herself to protect her family and later had the courage to fight Michael, which I have to say has to be one of the most awesome and tense scenes in a movie. When she gets pushed off the roof and gets away with only a broken ankle, she is still able to shoot Michael at the end and trap him. Also Laurie is probably one of the most intelligent people in the movie, especially when compared to everyone else.


Her daughter and granddaughter are probably only a grade under in terms of being awesome. The mom Karen Strode (Judy Greer) also played the mom on Jurassic World, though in that movie she doesn’t do much but worry about her children. In this movie though she has one of the best parts. For the first half of the movie she is shunning her mother for who her mom is and the way her mother raised her. Then in the later half, she turns into this mama bear that is worried about her child but still has the will to survive. My favorite scene in the movie is when Karen is in the basement; Micheal is trying to break into the little bunker that is the basement and she is with her daughter crying that “I can’t do it mom, I’m sorry.” When Michael has broken into the bunker and peers down the stairs, Karen then stops crying, aims the gun quickly, and says, “Gotcha,” all while smiling, and she shoots and hits Michael. That is when Laurie shoots him and he goes down into the basement. I liked that scene so much that describing it is making me want to yell in excitement as I write this.


The scene links in with the next one I’m about to describe. After Michael goes down the stairs, he starts to try to go back up, and he grabs Karen’s leg and tries to pull her down. The granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) stabs Michael’s hand with his own knife and frees her mom Karen. Michael goes back down the stairs a little again and Laurie pulls a lever that traps him in the basement. They revealed that is was a trap and whole house starts to burn. The three women get out alive and hitchhike back into town. The movie ends with Allyson holding the knife in her hand while she lays in the back of a truck.


I think that overall, the movie was pretty enjoyable. As I said earlier I didn’t view this movie with a critical eye so I couldn’t say if that it was the story of year but I can say that I liked it. I thought it was fun to watch, especially for the month of October. The ratings on the internet are decent too. If you have not seen the movie and are reading this, then I don’t know why you did this to yourself, but since you’re here, if you have not seen the movie, I would recommend going to see it. Have a happy Halloween.