New Drone Class Offered


Melissa Baumgartner, Staff Writer

There’s a new class worth everyone’s attention here at Coronado: drone class, taught by none other than Mr.Steele.  Drone class will focus on designing drones and learning how to safely operate them. “We only offer the class to junior and seniors because you need to be 16 to get certified,” Mr.Steele informs us. It’s a two-year class,which means that it takes four semesters, or two years, to fully complete the training to get certified, so it’s mainly recommended to juniors. “We also teach important life skills, such as teamwork and how to carefully pay attention. It’s not a science or math class, it’s a drone class.” As a team, you must be able to control and build several drones as well as operate them safely. This is useful in the real world for when you have any sort of job that you need to correlate with co-workers, or work with machinery. Even if you’re in your car and it starts acting weird, you’ll have the experience of working with mobile machinery and might even be able to fix it yourself.

The tests given aren’t your typical pen and paper, either. They are interactive, as Mr.Steele tests the students on their ability to control their drone. Mr.Steele hopes to do this class for at least 5 more years, for as long as he will be teaching here at Coronado. If you are a freshman or sophomore this year and are interested in creating and controlling mechanics, this class is for you