Do We Rely Too Much on Technology?


Thomas Shoemaker, Staff Writer

In the 21st Century, we have information on whatever topics we want right at our fingertips. We have a whole range of technology, ranging from our cell phones, to our laptops, and so on. But it isn’t just at home we have this technology. We have access to it at school, and pretty much anywhere we go. Do we rely too much on technology? Could we live without it?


  What would happen if we came to school, and all the technology was gone? Could the teachers teach? Could the students learn?


  “I believe that some people rely on technology too much, but others could live without it.” said Eric Smith, 9. Some people do believe that some people rely on their technology for almost everything, but there are still those students and teachers that can adapt when the tech is turned off. For example, we have teachers that know how to go old school, which is very important, because we never know when the technology will go out or stop working.


  When talking about technology, I ask myself, “What don’t we use it for?” Of course coming from the students’ standpoint. We use it for essays, homework, social media, and much more. Does using technology for all of this make us too reliant on it? We as teenagers do rely on technology too much. I am even writing this article right now using technology! And, chances are, you are reading this on your phone or computer.


  Despite my best efforts, I could not find people that believed we didn’t rely on technology. I asked Jack Hulett, 9, if he thought our reliance on tech was non existent, and he responded with a very clear answer. “No.” He said. And it seems to be this way with everyone I ask.


  Technology is everywhere. There is the big technology, like computers and televisions. And then there is more simple technology, such as pencils or whiteboard markers. Sometimes technology can be overused and relied on too much, but sometimes it is a necessity. Just like when we are taking notes, we need a writing utensil to be able to write. This is, believe it or not, considered technology. And, in a way, we need this form of simple technology to do everyday things.


  Do we rely too much on technology? In my opinion, kids and adults do overuse technology and rely on it too much. But, some forms of technology are necessities for everyday life as a student or a teacher, such as pencils. We do overuse technology, but there are things for which we need it.