Class of 2019 Senior Superlatives

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

The class of 2019’s Senior Superlatives have finally been tallied! Here’s the official list of the winners.


The Bests, the Worsts, and the Mosts:


Best Hair: Shauna Mackay and Faith Roth

Best Eyes: Gia Pagan, Isabella Janney, and Arielle Bakken

Best Smile: Kailey Standley and Kayla Garcia

Best Arms: Beau Chauvin and Bennett Spengler

Best Legs: Becca Rugg and Nate Stafford

Biggest Heart: Mia Sells

Biggest Flirt: Hayden Field

Worst Driver: Andrew Hill

Best Dressed: Kaitlyn Pottger and Emory Dantzler

Bromance: Andrew Wills & Garrett Cichello

Best Glow Up: Nick Vernacchio and Wade Rahaman

Most Artistic: Elena Dunz, Reyd Osbourne, and Diana Del Valle

Best Laugh: Sam Longwell, Julie Callan, and Rico Ortiz

Most Granola: Roman Sorrels and Jessica Stettler

Most Spirited: Dylan Kleckner


Most Likely to:

Become President: Arman Mirhossaini and Connie Sun

Be Tackled by Secret Service: Isaiah Outler and Brandon Stogsdill

Win an Oscar: Derek Hernandez and Alexa Heusgen-Hobbs

Go to the Olympics: Maddy Morland, Ben Swanson, and Mia Shaeffer

Cause a Scene: Anna Landolfi and Sierra Meisner

Best All Around: Connor McCarrie, Isa Lyda, and Titus Sharman