This Club is a Real Hotspot!

Titus Sharman’s Cybersecurity Club is here to help students make connections with the world of technology.


Raven Sanchez, Staff Writer

In society today, it is exceptionally salient to be able to navigate and use technology with ease. Not only that but keeping that technology safe and secure is highly important. If a student is having trouble navigating the technological world or has an interest in technology, they might find that Cybersecurity Club is the club for them.

Cybersecurity Club is meant to teach students to better protect their technology as well as about networking. Through the use of demonstrations, conferences, and competitions, participants are able to obtain essential skills that could be beneficial as technology continues to advance.

Titus Sharman, who is in charge of Cybersecurity Club, strives to make his club easy for those in it. Technology can be intimidating to some people if they do not know how to navigate it, and Sharman wants to eliminate that fear by making technology as easy to understand as possible. “This club is very low commitment, yet it yields high reward in terms of the proliferation of opportunities lying beyond.  It’s easy to log into a computer and try some elementary hacking,” Sharman stated.

With helpful connections to PPCC’s Cybersecurity Club and UCCS’s Entrepreneur Club, Sharman is able to plan for conferences that will best benefit the members of his club. He is a member of UCCS’s Entrepreneur Club and is able to work with some of his fellow members to achieve some of the goals he has for the future of this club.

In the near future, Sharman would like to strengthen the connection between Cybersecurity Club and Secure Set, a Colorado Springs Cybersecurity Academy. He also has an interest in adding more elements of communication into his plans for the club. “I would like to see us go to more tangible conferences and outside events this year.  Last year we were particularly project focused, and I think it would be better to move in the direction of a more people-based approach, involving local conferences and resources like the National Cybersecurity Center. I’m also looking into working more with Secure Set,” Sharman explained.

Students who have joined this club often view it as a way to figure out what they enjoy about the world of technology. Cybersecurity is a specific area in the field of technology, and the students involved in it have become passionate about specific aspects of it in turn. “We enjoy exploring what is now one of the most rapidly innovating fields and industry and getting our feet wet.  There are so many extraordinary concepts underlying the seemingly simple structure of local area networks, let alone the rapidly expanding scope of the internet,” Sharman stated.

The club is currently open to new members; not only will members receive the benefits of learning to keep their technology safe and protected, but they will become highly knowledgeable in the field of computer science. Mr. Yeh, a math and Computer Science instructor here at Coronado High School, believes that this club goes extremely in-depth when it comes to Computer Science.  “ In all truthfulness, we do not cover that much cybersecurity in my Computer Science classes – just some surface level workings of the Internet and possible vulnerabilities along the way,” Yeh said.

Computer Science is a vast field full of numerous possibilities, so those who are considering the field of Computer Science should also consider this club. There is a large amount of information that this field expects its participants to know, and becoming knowledgeable of it early on can be beneficial. “The more information you know about computers and technology, the easier it is to wrap your head around other abstract concepts,” said Yeh.

Cybersecurity Club meets on Friday mornings from 7:00 to 7:45 in the midlab. If students are interested in joining or have any questions, they can contact Titus Sharman. If students need answers to more logistical questions, they can contact Mr. Cox. The club is in need of new members, and it is more enjoyable than anyone’s brain can compute, so take advantage of this astounding opportunity if it piques any interest.