2018 Year Review

2018-2019 change represents the new year 2019 three-dimensional rendering 3D illustration

2018-2019 change represents the new year 2019 three-dimensional rendering 3D illustration

Derek Hernandez, Staff Writer

2018 is coming to an end fast, so let’s take this time to reflect on what happened this year.

We started of this year with some startling news as Logan Paul filmed a dead body in the suicide forest. This was a something that never happened before, especially on such a public platform such as YouTube. To this day, Logan Paul is still facing all the hate and backlash from that incident.

The next biggest thing to happen was the Tide Pod epidemic. What started out as meme became very serious when a few people began to actually eat Tide Pods. This meme was blown far out of proportion by the news, who were taking things too literally, and not properly checking their facts. Cases of people actually eating Tide Pods were in a very small percent.  

Something that many people may have forgotten about is that this year the winter Olympics were held in South Korea on February 9. This was a big event in history because North and South Korea walked in as one country, truly representing the unifying spirit of the Olympics.

As March rolled along, Russia, still fiery from being banned from the Olympics, re-elected Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. This, like some other election, supposedly had a lot of meddling from Putin’s former administration.  

Earlier in the year, a data breach scandal involving Facebook occured. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was called down to Congress to testify, which revealed two things: Mark Zuckerberg is really a lizard person and our Congress knows nothing of modern technology.

To lighten up the world, everyone’s eyes were pointed at England for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This took place on May 19th, making Meghan Markle the first African American royalty of England.

Skipping forward a little bit to June, a historic occasion happened. For the first time in history, an American president met with a North Korean dictator. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met in Singapore on June 12. I feel that all the Trump hate distracted from how good this situation was: because of Trump the US no longer has to fear nuclear annihilation by the hands of Kim Jong Un. It also shows North Korea is either growing as shown by the Olympics or they are plotting something big, but for now we will never know.

On July 9th, Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court. This was instantly hit with backlash, as many came out with rape allegations. The most prominent was a testimony from a psychiatrist who went to high school with him, claiming he assaulted her at a party.

Nearing the end of August, Florida was hit by another hurricane, Hurricane Florence. The Hurricane lasted from August 31-September 19, with 37 deaths by the end and a massive flooding crisis in the South.

October saw the return of Kavanaugh, as all the court cases were dropped against him. It was officially decided to swear in Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on a close vote of 50-48.

November 12th saw Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, made his final cameo to the world. At the age of 95, Stan Lee the creator of Marvel Comics died of old age. He is best known for his many cameos throughout the Marvel Cinematic universe, and creation of many beloved superheroes. There shouldn’t be much sorrow though because we still have Stan Lee’s final cameos in Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game to look forward to.  

And finally the biggest disaster of 2018, the Youtube rewind. It’s hard to believe that a video about giving people what they want gave no one what they wanted. The video was more of a montage about the worst of Youtube than what really made this year, so I hope that this year in review was at least a little better than theirs.