Library Celebrates Greatest Book Series

The announcement of a Harry Potter themed library celebration coincides with good news for negligent borrowers.


Irma Pince, Hogwart's Librarian and Special Correspondent

If you or anyone you know in Athens, Alabama has any overdue books or library fines, then this news will be as welcome to you as a niffler would be to a bride who lost her ring at a picnic.  The  public library has announced that all late fees will be forgiven in the hope that, like the ridikulus spell against a boggart, fear of library fines will be defeated and patrons will return for more books.


This generous proclamation comes on the heels of another major announcement: the library will be hosting a Harry Potter themed night on February 7th, starting at 6 PM.  It might be worth a portkey trip to Alabama for this party aimed at not 0nly celebrating our hero, but introducing new muggles to our traditions and stories.