Tough Wins and Losses

The Cougar's take on Doherty at tonight's game.


Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

With the season off to a tough start, the Coronado Cougar’s men’s varsity basketball is looking for a season comeback. Their 3-8 record is not going to stop them anytime soon, as they continue to practice and improve their skills. David Thomas, the coach and history teacher at CHS says that “the season is going well, [the team] has played the number one toughest schedule in the state up to this point, so [the team] has had some ups and downs.” The team has played challenging teams such as Cheyenne Mountain and Highlands Ranch. Although the games ended as losses, the tapes and experience has helped the boys to improve their game, and hopefully take the win against Doherty tonight at seven. One of the tougher games, but Coach Thomas’s favorite was versus Discovery Canyon, which was ranked eighth in that state at the time and it was Coronado’s “first top ten win that the program has had in six, seven, eight years. So, it was a lot of fun getting to go be able to be the top ten team.” With the Doherty game taking place tonight, the boys have done a lot in their practices to prepare and Thomas thinks that at the moment, “one of the biggest things that [they] need to work on is closing the gap, when [the team] is defending somebody in the open court and they are attacking the rim.” As the season progresses overall, Thomas “is really pleased with where [the team] is at and where [they] are going.”


Student athlete, William White (10), gave his take on the season as well, explaining that “it is going pretty well, and [he] think[s] that there is a lot of room for improvement.” For himself, White thinks that he “need[s] to work on shooting and going to the basket and being confident in [his] shot.” With an average of 4.9 points per game, he takes fifth on the team on average baskets made. The Doherty game tonight is going to be intense and Thomas and White are both excited for the results, because the team has been preparing by “going over what [the team] expect[s] to see from them and how [they] are going to shut down their offense.” With only eleven games remaining after tonight’s Doherty game, the Cougars all hope to see the stands packed with good energy as the home game commences.