Curious Savage Callbacks!


Evelyn Gillum, Staff Writer

This year we had almost 40 students at Coronado audition for this year’s spring play, The Curious Savage. Along with mainly Advanced Acting students and Drama Workshop students, we did see some new faces.

“I think auditions went really well, we had a bunch of really talented, new people auditioning. I’m excited to see how this cast will end up looking”, says Derek Hernandez, President of Thespian Society and the courageous person to have been the very first to audition.

Callbacks are being held today, January 16, after school in the auditorium



Jared Winters



Ethan Ocken

Dylan Carter

Derek Hernandez

Ben Hayes-Lemmon

Oliver Myers

Brady Gossage

Marco Sorrels


Alexa Huesgen Hobbs

Olivia Gillum

Anna Landolfi

Ellie Myers

Indie Ross

Meghan Lawson

Elena Dunz

Emily Sutton

Bailey Berryhill

Elise Thompson

Gia York


Thank you to all of those who auditioned and to those who received a callback, break a leg!