Back to School Feelings

Back to School Feelings

Tiandrea Rice, Staff Writer

Coming back to school is one of the worst things about school; everyone is tired and exhausted, but now break is over and Coronado needs to get back into the right mindset. Now it is a new semester and a fresh start for grades and classes. This semester is a clean slate to turn in classwork and to get the right grades to get credits.

Some of the students at Coronado got their classes changed, and if so then try your best in the new class that you’re in. Try to participate with the students in your new class as much as possible, so when you need help and the teacher is busy, you can ask a classmate for help.

Coming back to school is stressful because you have to wake up earlier than usual than you did when Coronado was on break, and then starting classwork and having to listen to your teacher lecture you for a hour is overwhelming. No one wants to listen to them all day, but break is over and it’s time to get in the habit of listening to your teachers.

Now that break is over, here are a few tips that Coronado Cougars would benefit from.
Getting in the right mind set, working hard, listening to your teachers, and for new students or new students in new classes make new friends in the new classes you’re in, and try your best to get along with your teacher.