Ramble Review: Mortal Engines

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Ramble Review: Mortal Engines

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This movie was something that I hyped up after Jurassic World, The Darkest Minds and Fantastic Beasts. I am basically saying that this film was one of the highest on the list of movies I wanted to see this year and I have to say, it didn’t fully deliver. Nonetheless I still enjoyed it.


In a post war-world, cities and many other structures are on wheels, on the sea or in the air. Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a young woman, emerges from the shadows once her city is eaten by another city called London (I’ll explain about the city eating another city don’t worry), in order to assassinate the man that killed her mother, Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving).  After she fails, she teams up with Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan), Anna Fang (Jihae Kim) and her outlaw crew to stop Thaddeus Valentine from using a dangerous and ancient super weapon to destroy the city of Ice Angel.


I apologize if that summary is sort of vague, but honestly the story is a little odd. The plot is simple to sum up, but the story isn’t all that easy without spoiling things, or being confusing. Don’t worry: the concept is easy to explain, all you need to know is that there are cities that are on tracks like track wheels, in the air and on the water. If you are still confused, I again apologize, but recommend giving the trailer a peak and try to see what is going on with it.


Seeing as this movie is based off another YA novel of the same name, I think they could have gone a little deeper in the concept than they did. I never read the book but I am pretty sure there is more to it than we get to see. Hopefully in the future there will be a remake of this movie and we will get to know more about it, although I doubt there will honestly even a be a sequel, let alone any sequels.


I think another reason I was disappointed was because of who the director was and what I expected.I think I hyped this up way too much and I probably shouldn’t have because I typically am aware of when other people do that themselves. Even when I hype things up I don’t normally get disappointed. Before I get burned at the stake I would like to clarify that I did enjoy the movie. The director Peter Jackson, the director of the hit book to movie adaptation Lord of the Rings, seemed like a good choice.  While I didn’t like those movies honestly, I thought they were good nonetheless (middle earth just isn’t my thing). I went into the theater with the hope that it would be as epic (cool or huge). I think for book to movie they should make the movie over two hours. If you remember or look at some of my older articles I talk about the music, passing and how big of an impact it has on the movie; I hold this statement true especially for new movie world. Trust me I have experience with these kinds of movies.


I did like the movie and I would have to say that it sure isn’t last on the list of the movies I have seen this year, so the rating is gonna have to be about a six out of ten. I wasn’t paying much attention to the soundtrack but I thought the movie looked nice and real. On top of that the acting was pretty ok (it was good). While I liked it, I think the score shows that it really isn’t a movie I would watch again anytime soon. In my opinion the movie was a little weak and could have definitely done a better job than it did.  I also think the characters themselves could have had some more work done on them. Now that the score is out of the way I am about to rantyish up in here… wait that’s not a word, well the auto correct police (Google) haven’t underlined it so I’m gonna leave it in. Anyways, I basically mean that I am about to give some thoughts and opinions on specific parts of the movie so if you haven’t seen it and would like to, please get your bahookie out of this article.


Something I wished they would have definitely put more detail into was the resurrected. I thought it was one of – if not the most interesting parts of the movie. There was nothing about them in the trailers I am pretty sure, and for a movie to do something like that is cool. I like when they don’t tell about everything in the trailers, because it’s a nice little surprise when you see the movie and you learn there is more to the world than you have been told. So this being one of my interests means that Shrike is definitely one of my favorite characters on this movie because of who he is and what he does. He looks like something right out of a Tim Burton movie, and I have to say it looks great. I do have to say though I thought his name was Strike the whole time while watching the movie and all I could think while hearing that name was “WHY.” Now that I know the real name, it’s a little different. I also think they could have done more with his character development; I liked the internal struggle he has going on of whether or not he was a man or a machine; should he feel or go cold. I would like to talk more about the resurrected because of how interesting they seem, but like I said there wasn’t much that we got to learn about them. I mean the only thing we really got to know is that they are robot-like things made from a person from before the war.


Now I would complain about the fact we didn’t hear too much about the war, but I think it would work better if they put it in the sequel… but I guess I can be dissapointed: like I said earlier there probably won’t be a sequel to this movie. I do think they did great with telling about Hester’s past and why she has something against Valentine, but I thought the flash back lighting looked like the first two seasons of Supernatural lighting, which isn’t a good thing.


Anna Fang and her little squad was anything but lame. They had to be some of the coolest characters in any movie I have seen this year, or even in the history of cool and powerful people. She and her crew reminded me of Tris from the Divergent series, as they were not only brave but selfless. They were willing to die to save not only the city of Ice Angel but to save the city of London. They rode off into the howling dark not knowing what might happen. Some unexpected main characters were Bevis Pod and Katherine Valentine; they were introduced as some of the Londoners, but they ended up being a crucial part of the story. I thought that was a little cool thing that we didn’t really know about them.


The ending was something too though. The way it ended made it seem like that was the end. A quick Google search would show that there are indeed some sequels to the series. If you look at it a different way, there could be more sequels but honestly I can’t really see what the new big bad would be without it feeling like the same thing.


All in all, if you have read through this article and haven’t seen the movie you probably have already made your decision, but if you would watch something like Lord Of The Rings or even something like Harry Potter then you probably would like this movie or at least in some way enjoy it. It is pretty odd but sure as heck is a fun movie to watch.

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