Announcements: January 20th-26th

...because CHS students should be in the know and on the go when it comes to school events.

Raven Sanchez, Staff Writer

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Coronado High School does not hold many major events around this time during the school year; instead, there are usually a fairly large amount of small but significant ones. For students at Coronado, it is difficult enough to keep up with their more major events and normal life happenings on their own. The upcoming week has an astonishingly great amount of those minor but salient events that students may find enjoyable.

On January 20th, there will be an amazing occurrence that has been around for millennia. There will be a lunar eclipse or blood moon viewing on Sunday night being held by Mr. Ball. “Students and family, staff, and other Coronado community members are all invited to join.  The event will start Sunday, Jan 20 at 9 in my room 404b. The total lunar eclipse won’t start until about 9:30 though,” Mr. Ball stated. This type of celestial occurrence will not be visible in the US until the year 2022, so students are encouraged to join Mr. Ball and his astronomy classes in viewing this rare sight. For more information, the Space Foundation and Mr. Ball have provided some facts and links for the lovers of learning and space to read through; all of this information has been compiled into a link at the bottom of this article. If students have further questions, they can contact Ms. Beatty if they are about the event itself, or they can contact Mr. Ball if they wish to know more on the science aspect of this event.

The eclipse viewing will last until around 10:00, but students will be elated to know that January 21st is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and there is no school!

On January 22nd, there will be a Boys JV Basketball Game at 5, a Girls JV Basketball Game at 3:30, a Girls Varsity Game at 6:30, and a Boys Varsity Game at 8. All four of these games are against Pine Creek and are occurring at Pine Creek High School. There will also be a Dual Varsity Swim meet against Rampart High School. It will start at 4:00 and be located at Rampart High School.

January 23rd is a day that brings a variety of sporting events for Coronado students to attend. Wrestling will be having a Varsity Quad and JV Dual against Palmer, Liberty, and Rampart. Both will be held at Rampart at 5:00. Both Girls and Boys C-Squad Basketball teams are against Pine Creek and will occur at Pine Creek High School. The girl’s game starts at 6:00 and the boys starts at 7:30.

Ice Hockey has a Varsity Game against Rampart High School on this day as well. It begins at 9:35 and will be held at the Sertich Ice Center.

January 24th is the date of the eighth grade open house. It will be held at Coronado from 6:00 to 8:00 and is a fantastic opportunity for students to represent their school and what they find pleasurable within it. Whether students have younger siblings coming or not, the open house is full of opportunities for incoming students to find their place in our school.

On the 25th, There is a girl’s JV Swim Tournament vs. Air Academy High School. Students can attend this meet by being at Rampart High School at 4:00.

January 26th is yet another major day for Coronado’s various sports teams. Wrestling will have a JV Tournament against Pueblo South. It begins at 8:00 and will be located at Pueblo South High School. All of the basketball teams have a game at Coronado High School against Palmer High School as well.The Boys’  C- Team game and the Girls’ varsity game will be at 5:30. The boys will be in the auxiliary gym and the girls will be in the gym. The JV games will begin at 4:00. The oy’s game will be in the gym and the girl’s game is located in the Auxiliary Gym. The Boy’s Varsity game and the Girl’s C-Team Game are at 7:00. The girls’ game is in the auxiliary gym and the boys’ game is in the gym.

There are many minor events occurring in the upcoming week, and students may find them hard to keep track of. Hopefully, this schedule will help students end up in the right place at the right time. Good luck in staying on schedule and enjoy the upcoming week, Cougars!


Space/Lunar Eclipse Info:


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