Swim Season: Season Outlook

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Swim Season: Season Outlook

Thomas Shoemaker, Staff Writer

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 Say goodbye to fall sports at Coronado, but say hello to winter sports! Swim is among many other winter sports, such as basketball, hockey, and wrestling. Swim is a whole different beast. It takes a special athlete with the endurance and strength to make it through a race. Coronado’s Swim Team has a good outlook on this season, and they have even had their first swim meet of the year.


  Both the swim and dive team have good potential for this season, and it is looking like they could do big things. The Lady Cougars have been working hard and are ready to dive off the board and take off.


  Have you guys ever watched a swim meet? I am going to be fully honest. I have not ever watched a swim meet in my life. But I wanted to know what the atmosphere at one of them was like. So I went looking for answers. Unfortunately, I can’t get to any of the swim meets, but I found some of the swimmers that tell me it is pretty exciting.


  “It feels exciting when you are on the board waiting to dive in and compete against the other swimmers.” Said Alana Clearo, grade 9.


  When talking about these swim meets, I assume that they don’t happen as often as a basketball or hockey game. This makes the preparation extremely important, and when the time comes, I’m sure it is super exciting to get your chance to dive in and compete.


  These girls are extremely great athletes, and just like the other sports, they want our support and for us to come out to the meets. Let’s show our cougar pride for these swimmers, and we should look forward to another great season from our Lady Cougars.

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