Ramble Review: Welcome To Marwen

Welcome To Marwen


Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

I guess seeing so many movies seems to take its toll on you, as you really start to get picky with your movies. The year of 2018 was probably the year of movies for me, as I saw a lot of movies and saw probably one of my favorite: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This year was also the year that I saw some mediocre movies. One of these movies has to be Welcome To Marwen; when I hype a movie I really hype it up in my mind, the thing is though for all the times I have done this I wasn’t really ever that disappointed. For instance people were disappointed with the recent Fantastic Beasts film but I wasn’t even though I probably was a hype monster the moment I watched the trailer.


See I don’t often go to something like Welcome to Marwen and never will again probably. The film wasn’t bad but it was unique and I don’t feel that there is really theme that goes with this movie. I thought this would be one of those heart warming movies but it wasn’t even near that. I am kind of an action guy myself but I do like to watch those heartwarming tales every once in a while (apart from dog movies, those ones are sad). I have learned through the years not to trust the Rotten Tomatoes score and to trust the iMDB score more often. Nonetheless, I have for sure learned over everything not to trust critics on movies at all. Back to the heart warmingness on this movie I would have to say that it really wasn’t heart warming. It was more of an odd movie. If I had to tell you what my top picks for what I wanted to see 2018 Welcome to Marwen would be on that list.


It doesn’t help that the trailer was kinda misleading. In the trailer it is said that the men who beat him up because it was a hate crime; it was but, I mean, I thought it would be from some huge thing like LGBT, race, religion or ect. However it never really was about that, I would tell you guys the reason on why they beat him up but since they didn’t show it in the trailer I don’t think that I should say anything about it. Even then I don’t know if it wasn’t just his mouth that got him beat up because it kinda seemed liked that. If you want to stick around till after I tell you to get out for not seeing the movie yet, then you can to see what I am talking about. However I want you to honestly form your own opinion before you go and read what I said.


Something else I would also like to complain about is the live action versus the stop motion animation. I don’t think they balanced it out well because they seemed to almost have more stop motion animation than live action. Going into the movie I was thinking that the stop motion was going to a small part and if not that, at most of the movie, but I guess they really were going to make a stop motion movie. Also for the genre of the movie I found it a little odd that there seemed to a lot of action in it. All the action by the way takes place in the stop motion parts.


Before I complain more I am gonna try to tell you what the movie about. Basically Welcome to Marwin is about Mark Hogancamp who gets badly injured from a bar beating one night, this leaves him with no memory of his past. Years or so after his life has fallen apart he is taking pictures of dolls in a made up town called Marwin. As he goes through his healing, his women of Marwin help him with daily tasks and treat him with respect and care. Someone new named Nicole with out a E moves in while the ever so close court date of his attackers in coming. Whilst he tries to coup with that he also starts to develop a crush on Nichol next door. I think that is the best I can do without really giving aways the whole plot. I guess I am not that good at describing something that I don’t like all that much.


There is still a little to talk about before I tell you to get the heck out of here. Some mega advice here: don’t read the summary from the internet. It is misleading just like the trailers were.  I have to give it a four out of ten stars for me. Now that that’s out of the way I’m gonna see how much I can complain about. If you haven’t seen the movie please go and watch it first, well if I didn’t already ruin it for you.


The part that confused me the most had to have been how he got into trouble. He said that he wore women’s shoes, “The higher the heel the better.” What they did was a hate crime for sure but I guess maybe that it just don’t make sense to me. I’m not saying what they did was wrong but I am saying that I thought it would be for something like sexuality, race or religion, that’s not what happened. I mean even Marwin himself says that he thinks it might have been his mouth that got him into trouble. From what I could tell ya it was. The man asking him if he wore women’s shoes and him saying he did. Which I don’t even know if they were womens shoes so I couldn’t tell you that they did that because he was wearing womens shoes. As far as I know it was because of what he said. Though granted he was drunk and didn’t really know what he was doing. Either way I do agree at the end of the day what the men did was a hate crime, like who the heck cares if he is wearing womens shoes, it ain’t hurting you.


Okay so I have no clue what the thing was with the woman’s shoes, like at first I was like oh he just likes wearing womens shoes and then it ended up sounding like he was just being a perv. Like I could understand if it was that he felt like a women, that makes sense or him liking womens shoes, ok, but he said it brought him closer to women or something along those lines. While you got further into the movie he got a little odder, saying that his favorite actor was from an adult movie and that movie was his favorite movie. While I think they were trying to be funny it came off as odd and honestly being able to relate to having talked to people with mental disabilities, as I have them in my family, I took it seriously. While it doesn’t really offend me that they made that joke, I thought it came out somewhat funny however it was funny the first time they did it and even then it wasn’t that funny in the first place as I could understand the character Marwin.


The romance was another thing to complain about, like honestly I don’t like romance in movie too often but at least I want to be able to cheer for them. With this it just didn’t really make all that much sense. Yes he liked Nichol but she didn’t like him back and then at the end when she showed up to his art exhibit thing, nothing happened between the two and I don’t think that the friendship was ever restored. They gave us zero resolution with that and I guess I was fine with that. Then when they tried to introduce one other friend as the love interest, it falls flat on its face. We know next to nothing about this friend apart from her name, she owns a shop where Marwin gets his dolls at.


I guess the more I think about it the more the movie seems a little less memorable, the less I seem to like it. It was a huge disappointment to me as I was really looking forward to it and it didn’t deliver. I think it was a little boring as well as even though it wasn’t that long I found myself dozing off. All in all if you read to the end of this article and didn’t watch the movie well then I guess there wasn’t much. I don’t really recommend it unless you really thought that it was worth it. If you do go see it thought then I hope you do like it.