From One Competition to the Next

FBLA members were headed off to their first competition on Friday.


Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

The Future Business Leaders of America at Coronado have been preparing to attend their first competition of the year that took place last Friday, the 25th. The district competition took place in Pueblo and all the schools from the southern part of Colorado got together to compete. Ms. Brandt, the club supervisor, explained the basics of the competition as she said that Coronado has “eight competitors and they are competing in events anywhere from economics, to graphic design, to impromptu speaking, and coding and programming.” The club members and Ms. Brandt were all eager to share their projects in the events that sparked the most interest to them. The students put a lot of work into their projects and took advantage of the various classes Coronado has to offer with their research and final concepts.


With the assistance of Coronado’s economics, computer programing, math, and other technical classes, the students in FBLA created their projects. The club’s graphic design group came up with a “whole new mascot and school colors for a brand new high school… and they did a dragon which was very different.” Other members of the club, depending on their project would do a lot of studying to build on the skills they already possess. One student took an objective test on economics while another took a test on financial math, aided in this feat by some classes at Coronado.


While the district competition is not only a place to meet new people and have a great time, there are also various workshops, presentations, and keynote speakers at the conference. Coronado’s members of FBLA will bring back new leadership opportunities and skills that will not only be beneficial to themselves, but also the CHS community. Waiting to hear how exactly the competition went, depending on “if they make it from districts, [the groups] will go to compete at state. State [takes place] at the brand new Gaylord Hotel in Denver…and that will be really exciting. [The students] get to compete in April. There is also a national event this year in San Antonio, Texas.” After wishing luck to the FBLA members, they headed out to Pueblo last Friday, in hopes of reaching their goals and getting to the state competition. The endless opportunities at Coronado give students a place to make their impact that much more accessible, and it is exciting to see where the student body will go.