Hoop on Fire!


Ben Swanson, Staff Writer

The Coronado girls’ basketball team is setting the hoop on fire, point after point, game after game. Our Lady Cougars are showing us what true Coronado fighting spirit looks like during their 2018-2019 season.

The team currently stands with a record of 8-8, with a very close loss this past Wednesday against Pine Creek, the final score 34-36. In the final quarter of the game, our Lady Cougars scored 16 out of their 34 points, coming back from an 18-32 deficit to make it only a two point game! What a comeback for the team!

This goes to show just how determined these basketball stars truly are, and should inspire all of us to never give up when the odds seem against you. That wasn’t the only game that our Lady Cougars fought hard for, though!

The week prior, the team won against Rampart High School, a tough rival of Coronado. Coronado had a strong start to the game, and was able to hold off Rampart for the last half of the game, beating the Rams 42 to 40.

This past Saturday, Coronado basketball faced another close rival, the Palmer Terrors. The team defeated Palmer 38-36, putting terror in the Terrors! It was a very close game, but Coronado prevailed in the end, making us all proud to be a Coronado Cougar.

Tonight, our lady basketball team takes on another local rival, the Doherty Spartans. The team is very confident approaching the game though, knowing the most important thing they need to secure the victory; teamwork. Teamwork is the most important weapon for the team when they are out on the court, as senior basketball star Marisol Estrada states, “We work as a team, and we win as a team”. Basketball is not a one player sport, and the basketball team has found the true value in working together.

We don’t have the home court advantage this game, so our Lady Cougars will need all the support and enthusiasm they can get before they head over to Doherty High School, and if you want to go support the team as they play, the girls’ varsity game starts at 5:30 tonight, January 29. Hope to see you all there!