Supreme Court Allows Transgender Ban to go in Effect


Tiandrea Rice, Staff Writer

The Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban to go into effect on Tuesday, dealing a blow to LGBT activists who call the ban cruel and irrational.

In July of 2017, President Trump announced that he would ban transgender people from serving in the military with limited exceptions.

The lower court said that they were going to stop it from going into effect, but Trump went straight to the high courts, asking them to let the transgender ban take effect. The court heard the case and voted to approve the ban.Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the newest judge, agreed with Trump to let the transgender ban pass.

I asked Kai Cuff,9, how do he thought this would affect transgender people. Kai said “In a negative way, and it makes transgender people feel that they’re not important.” Kai thought that “People seem kinda ignorant of the LGBT community, and he said he didn’t “like [the policy].Transgender people should be able to serve in the military if they want to.”`

Right now it is an effect on banning transgender people from the military, but the future of it remains up in the air.