Sweet Tragedy

Derek Hernandez, Staff Writer

This weekend the US was struck into despair this Sunday due to Super Bowl 53. Not only did we have to sit through a very unimpressive game, but the halftime show was equally unimpressive.

The one thing that might have changed viewers reaction to the Super Bowl would be a petition on change.org to get Sweet Victory from the children’s show SpongeBob SquarePants to play during halftime in honor of Stephen Hillenburg, who passed away earlier this year.

With 1.2 million signatures, chances were looking high for it to actually be performed. It even came to the point that the Mercedes-Benz stadium, Maroon 5, and Rodger Bumpass– the voice actor for Squidward– were all alluding to the show.

When the time came people were shocked. The halftime show was interrupted by Squidward announcing the next act. We saw the sweet horns rise up and then a green meteor flew by stopping the masterpiece. Then it happened: the hellish beat of Sicko Mode began. Sweet Victory was scrapped for Sicko Mode.

The one thing that could have made Super Bowl 53 memorable was only given seconds of screen time before Travis Scott came out singing Sicko Mode.

Now, I would argue that barely half of the regular viewers of the NFL have heard of Sicko Mode making it completely inappropriate to play at the Super Bowl compared to the world wide icon that is Spongebob.