Registration FAQs

Answering your registration questions with Mr. Wermers

Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

Registration is here, and it is time for a fresh start which also comes with a new load of classes. Mr. Wermers, famously known from the registration video shown on Wednesday, helped answer some commonly asked questions or misconceptions that students have about registration.


Oftentimes, students have confusion about whether or not certain classes are considered humanity, practical art credits, or even possibly a computer credit. The truth is that various classes can count towards different credits. After glancing at your transcript, you may have noticed an abundance of credits in certain areas, for example, humanities. Wermers explained that, “once [a student] fulfills one of those requirements, practical arts, humanities, computer, things like that, or even core classes, they will count towards those electives credits.” In other words, once you have reached the required amount of credits for math or humanities, etc. any other classes that you take that fall under those credits can be considered an elective.


With all the opportunities to get college credits at Coronado, you may be wondering whether it is better to just take on that heavier workload your freshman through junior years in order to have an easy senior year. In reality, though, it depends on the student and whether they have a job or participate in many clubs and sports; to keep up a high GPA, they can only handle so many classes at once. Wermers advises students to only take as many classes as they can handle, and “even if [a student] were to take six classes each year, going into [their] senior year, [they] would still have the ability to have an off period as well.” So choose your class load carefully and try not to wear yourself out before senior year.


Gym class can be a nightmare for some people, whether they do not enjoy it, or they would rather get college credits in its place, and there are other ways to get those physical education credits out of the way. There are a variety of online gym courses that students have the ability to take that will count towards the three required credits. Another option that you may have heard of before is participating in a sport all four years; the credit will be waived, along with if you take seven classes all four years. Although this may be easier for some students, Wermers advises that students take their gym credits now because those other options may not be around forever.


Your next year(s) at Coronado are coming up and it is time to get excited with all of the opportunities that are available to you. Choose carefully and get ready for another great year!