And The Winner Is….

Evelyn Gillum, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 8th, eight different high schools across the Pikes Peak region gathered in Woodland Park High School’s auditorium and competed in the annual Pikes Peak Region One-Act Competition.

The competition ran for over nine vigorous hours, which is actually a decent amount shorter than last year’s competition. Because Woodland Park High School hosted the competition, they couldn’t actually compete in the event. Instead, they got the party rolling by performing a one-act version of Almost, Maine.

Coronado’s Our Place was the third performance to be seen, leaving the majority of the auditorium in tears.

After another 2 performances, students were given a 45 minute lunch break to grab a bite, stretch, and prepare for another 5 hours of watching high school performances. During this period, it was discovered that Woodland Park High School has a freaking frozen yogurt machine in their cafeteria. Now, Coronado is great and all but I think it’s time that we step it up a notch and get our own frozen yogurt machine.

Finally, after hours, we reached the final performance– Manitou High School– who performed a spin off of a fairy tale. While all performances are supposed to last 45 minutes, including set up and strike, Manitou’s performance was over an hour and a half long, diminishing any hope we still had to get out alive.

After a student led dance competition, the judges were finally ready to release the results.

Our rivals, Air Academy, won best ensemble, which differs from their first place last year.

Coronado won third place, overall.

Cheyenne Mountain received second place, overall.

And Doherty placed in first place, overall.


Make sure to congratulate your Advanced Acting peers!