Spring Sports Registration


Ben Swanson, Staff Writer

The 2019 Coronado Spring Sports season is coming up quickly, and if you are hoping to play a sport this Spring season, it is important that you register for those sports before the season starts. Here is everything you will need to do to be ready for your Spring Sport.

This year, we have to decided to join the movement to enter a technological world, and we allow families to register their athletes online for their sports through ArbiterAthlete.

If you have already played a sport this year, you most likely already have an account with ArbiterAthlete, and will just need to log on and add a sport under their current profile.

If you have not played a sport this year and do not have an account made on ArbiterAthlete, the process will take a little longer to register for your Spring sport.

For detailed instructions on how to register for your sport, visit our high school website, https://www.d11.org/coronado,  and, from the home page, click on the ‘Athletics’ tab at the top of the screen. From there, scroll down until you see the link, “Step by Step Registration Notes”. Once you have selected and downloaded the link, you will find a detailed description on how to create an account with AribterAthlete and how to sign up for your specific sport.

There are 5 forms you will need to fill out, and some of them will require additional work to obtain. You will need to complete/submit a physical history for, a physical evaluation form, a parental permit, and two additional forms that discuss the rules and warnings of participating in a school sport.

The deadline for registration is February 22, and tryouts/first practice start three days later on the 25th. Make sure you don’t jeopardize your Spring sports season because you couldn’t get you paperwork in on time, and have a great sports season!