Why the 2018-2019 Tests Are Important for You

Testing is closer than you think! Don’t wait to know when you’ll be testing, and why it is important for you!

Why the 2018-2019 Tests Are Important for You

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

We all know too well how testing affects us. The stress, the anxiety, the overall fear of failing others – or yourself. We aren’t saying that being a little more prepared than normal will eliminate all of your worries, but getting on the right path can eliminate some of the smaller parts of stress. Though this is a tough phase to cross over, it’s important to get yourself prepared for what tests are to come, and know exactly when you need to be prepared and for what! Here’s the list for every upcoming test:

  • 2/26 Deadline to register for AP Exams online
  • 3/7  Prep for the Future SAT Workshop
    • $79 fee, sign up in counseling
  • 3/8 Deadline to register for 4-13 ACT Test
    • See counselor for details
  • 3/9 SAT Test
    • See your counselor
  • 3/20 & 3/21 Prep for the Future ACT Workshop
    • $79 fee, sign up in counseling
  • 4/2, 4/4 & 4/5 CMAS Testing for grade 11
  • 4/9 SAT Testing for grade 11
    • Grades 9,10 & 12 do not have school
  • 4/10 PSAT Testing for grades 9 & 10
    • Grades 11 & 12 do not have school
  • 4/13 ACT Test
    • See counselor for details
  • 4/27 Legacy Grant Study Session
    • See Ms. Schulzki for more details
  • 5/3 Studio Art AP (assembly portfolio) portfolio collection due
  • 5/3 Deadline to register for 6-8-2019 ACT
  • 5/3 Deadline to register for 6-1-2019 SAT
  • 5/4 SAT Testing
    • See your counselor for details
  • 5/6 – 5/17 Advanced Placement testing window
  • 5/6 US Gov & Politics AP exam @ Coronado
    • Test starts at 7:30 AM
  • 5/8 English Literature/Composition AP exam for seniors @ Coronado
  • 5/8 French Language/Culture AP exam @ Coronado Lab 160
  • 5/9 Chemistry AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/9 Psychology AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/10 Studio Art AP (portfolio due) assembly @ Coronado in Art Room
    • AP Coordinator to submit AP digital portfolio
  • 5/10 Computer Science Principles AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/13 Biology AP exam @ Coronado
  • 5/13 Physics C: Mechanics AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/14 Calculus AB and BC AP exam @ Coronado
  • 5/14 Human Geography AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/15 English Language/Composition AP exam for juniors @ Coronado
  • 5/16 Statistics AP exam @ Coronado
  • 5/17 Microeconomics AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/17 Music Theory AP exam @ Coronado Lab TBD
  • 5/17 Computer Science A AP exam @ First Evangelical Free Church
  • 5/22 FINALS Period 1, then remainder of classes till 3:00 pm
  • 5/23 FINALS periods 2-3-4
  • 5/24 FINALS periods 5-6-7
  • 6/1 SAT testing
    • see your counselor
  • 6/8 ACT testing
    • see your counselor


These tests set the guidelines for what you’ll need to do in the future to improve, and set a precedent for how you’ll proceed through the rest of your academic career. These tests, like many of the ones from first semester, show how far you’ve come, and potentially where you’ll stand in the future. It’s extremely important to know what you need to do (and when) to succeed!


Standardized tests also help show the government where they need to spend their money and time. Though there is currently very little funding going to academics at all, there is still hope that our government will make the appropriate changes to how your money is used to pay those who put the time and effort in to teach us! Teacher pay is based on how well we score, so it’s important not only to lift yourself up, but lift others with you!


We recognize that these tests put a lot of stress on your shoulders. We won’t tell you that we know how to alleviate that fully, either. What it boils down to is that there’s no way to completely get out of testing. At some point or another, you’ll have to. It’s okay to be stressed or anxious, and it’s more than okay to voice your concerns!


The point is, though, with knowing when and what you’ll need to be prepared for something, there’s some relief in the craze of testing. Regardless of your feelings about this rampant testing season, you are going to make it through them, and you’ll come out stronger than the years before. We believe in you, Coronado!