CHS is Springing Into Break!

Students may have Spring Fever, but this Spring Break is going to be sick!

Raven Sanchez, Staff Writer

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Spring break is almost here! That glorious week where no one has to go to school, but everyone is busy doing something. People tend to go on a large amount of trips during this time because the entire family is usually on break as well. Unfortunately for some, homework and cleaning will still plague them in their own homes, and it consumes all of their free time for the entire week. Students that do not have either of these spring break lifestyles tend to have nothing to do for its duration. Going from moderately stressed and busy to completely free of plans tends to leave these people bored out of their minds. This article is for those students who struggle to find entertainment during this time of the year, and who could use some suggestions for great ways to spend their week of freedom.

  1. Spend time with friends

Most students hang out with their friends every day at school, but some students have friends that they do not go to school with. Even if students do see their friends every day, they only really talk about academics or extracurricular activities. Hanging out with friends give students a chance to talk about other aspects of life, and provides the ability to spend time with them in a much more enjoyable environment.

      2. Have frequent family time

The interactions that students have with their family members during school are very minimal. Spending time with family over spring break allows students to have much longer and more meaningful conversations with their family members. It does not matter what events families partake in as long as they are done together.

      3. Go on a trip

This may sound like the most cliche spring break idea ever created, but it is still a decent idea. Going on a trip with friends or family is enjoyable for everyone. During school time, students do not get to go on trips or do something different from what they normally do. The trip does not have to be an extensive and extravagant one; even the most simple road trips to the most simple places can be enjoyable with the right mindset.

     4. Catch up on TV shows

Every student that has ever been given homework on school days knows that they do not always have time to keep up with their favorite TV shows or watch new movies. In the nine days students have off, it would only make sense that students at least power through one season of a TV show or two movies. Binge watching students may exceed this limit, and they will definitely be an inspiration to everyone that comes within a few feet of their presence. For those students who do not watch TV at all, taking an extra chunk of time to do something enjoyable will stand in for their lack of binge watching.

    5. Sleep

Sleeping has been known to harm those who do not get enough of it. In order to avoid the sickness that comes with sleep-lowered immune system functioning, students should shut off their alarms if possible. Spring break is the best time to catch up on sleep, and for students to enjoy their newfound alertness before school starts again. Getting that extra hour of sleep is always a great idea if at all possible. No matter how much sleep a student needs, most students are able to sleep in even for just a few extra minutes during this time.

    6. Try something new

Ever wanted to go skydiving or bike up Pikes Peak? Spring break is the perfect time to take part in endeavors like those. Nine days without school means that students have nine days to try something new. Whether it is trying that new restaurant or going somewhere new, students will find that these endeavors are easy to find, and they will make 2019’s spring break unforgettable.

    7. Explore the outdoors

The image that most people have of spring is a sunny and rainy season full of blooming flowers. In Colorado, however, the weather does its own thing. This means that exploring the outdoors could be skiing or hiking. There are plenty of outdoor activities for students to enjoy, even if the weather cannot make up its mind. Put down the phone, get off of Snapchat, and go outside this spring break!

   8. Enjoy an event typically meant for special occasions

Going to the movies or an amusement park is something that most families consider plans for a special day. Any day students are out of school is a special occasion, which means there are nine days worth of special days. Going to a local place that is meant for special days over spring break will automatically constitute an amazing spring break.

   9. Turn up the music

In school, there are only certain times in which students can put in their headphones and listen to a song. On spring break, students can do this whenever they want because classroom etiquette gets left behind. Discovering new music and listening to old favorites are both excellent options. Everything enjoyable in life needs a soundtrack to accompany it, so turn the music up and make that new playlist!

  1. Optimization of a student’s well being

When in school, students do not always take the best care of themselves because of time limits. During spring break, students can try to eat healthier, take care of their skin, and get some exercise in order to optimize their health. For some, spa treatments or mani-pedis can help restore a healthy mindset. Students who think with a calm mindset, learn to treat themselves, and try to be more healthy over spring break will find that their lives will improve in the long run.

While some students may already have extravagant plans for their spring break, students who do not may find that this article has created some for them. No matter what students do over break, they should try to enjoy it as much as possible. Nine days is a lot of time to partake in enjoyable events, so students should make the most of it. Enjoy the beginning of the new season and have a great spring break, Coronado!


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