Ramble Review: Isn’t It Romantic


Ramble Review: Isn't It Romantic

Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

This was the first movie I have seen of 2019 and I have to say that I really am not disappointed. To be fair though this wasn’t something that I hyped all last year either and I didn’t come to this movie looking for what I got. I am not saying that this is the best movie I have ever seen but I am going to say that it was pretty funny.This made me rethink about not seeing comedies too often in the movie theater. See the reason why I don’t go and see really any comedies is because in my opinion most of them don’t seem all that appealing, *cough* cough* Sherlock Holmes of 2018. I am not saying either that I am looking for something ‘smart’ because honestly something smart can only make it so far without becoming dumb. I am looking for something that it fun and that will make me laugh, but that something also has to have serious moments. Otherwise I am gonna get tired with the movie and never want to watch it again. Was this movie that? Well I don’t know if it had all that many serious parts but the ones it did have were great; they made you feel and even laugh a little. The funny parts were indeed funny. I would say smart, but I don’t know if I am smart considering I don’t like Rick and Morty. While the story was fun I also thought that the characters were freaking fun as well. They were all stereotypes of what you would typically see in a rom-com.


Rebel Wilson did a great job as Natalie. I have liked her previous work that I have seen on the Pitch Perfect movies. I also have to say that the girl can sing. I am wondering when she is gonna make an album because I would buy it. I also thought that it was pretty funny that Adam Devine as Josh was in here with her, because this makes the third time that they have been in the movies together. I think that they work great together.


Liam Hemsworth was in this movie as well. I haven’t really seen Thor’s little brother in any movies other than The Hunger Games series. The only other movie I knew him to be in was the Independence Day movie that flopped majestically. I don’t think that he is a bad actor, I just think that he doesn’t pick that good of movies to star in and I thought this was a better choice from his last one. I also think that the rest of the cast did well with making it an enjoyable movie.


I would say that I give the movie an eight out of ten. There were things that I didn’t like in it but they weren’t that big of a problem. An eight ain’t bad… see what I did there… no, fine. It was a fun movie but that doesn’t mean it got me into comedy or rom-coms; however I would definitely watch it again given the chance.


I think that the points it made in the movie were good as well. It was funny to see how they went through the typical rom-com traits. One I found to be something that made a great point was the gay best friend. I think that in the media we still portray gay people as stereotypes a lot and in my opinion it is really offensive. It also showed how ridiculous some elements of the movie could be as well.


I liked the soundtrack for sure. As I bring up so often I think that sometimes a soundtrack can make or break a movie. I didn’t and don’t think that the movie had much emphasis on the soundtrack and that definitely was ok. It wasn’t a cinematic movie so much so as it was supposed to make you laugh at the tropes that plague rom-coms.


Natalie, who works as a New York architect, works hard at her job, with all her effort going in but not getting noticed. One day she is mugged on a subway and runs into a pole, falling unconscious. When she wakes, she is in a romantic comedy. Cynical about love, she now finds herself as the leading woman trying to ironically find love to make it to the end of the movie, so she can wake up from her coma that she believes that she’s in. Now is the time if you haven’t seen the movie to get out of here and that my friends, is a command. If you don’t listen though, well then I don’t know what to do; it’s like trying to command a bunch of seventh graders.


I am gonna talk about the end of the movie. I thought the end of the movie was great because it really wasn’t something I was expecting, and to clarify this isn’t the exact end of it. But anyways, Natalie end up learning that the whole time she had to love herself. Just right before she goes to stop the wedding of her friend Josh marries (a lady’s name that can not be found) so I am just gonna call her the yoga ambassador. I was thinking that at the beginning of the movie that this would happen but as it progressed I thought that it was going for the best friends thing. Meaning in full honesty that it was unexpected for her to do so but I still loved it and thought that it was putting a generic but good message. This would make for a great movie for when you’re down.


The musical scenes were super fun, so much so that I would like to have more of them in the movie because I just think they went so well. It also really helps Rebel Wilson can freaking sing. She also I think did a good job at dancing as well. She has slowly become one of my favorite actors of the years for how funny and talented she is.


I like how they treated Donny the gay stereotype at the end of the movie as well. While he was still gay he was no longer a stereotype, which I think that the stereotype joke held a powerful message that we need to stop showing gay stereotypes in media. It’s a harmful problem for anyone.


Before I end this article I would like to praise Rebel Wilson again for how funny I still think she was. I just absolutely loved her in this movie – she was so funny and such a great actor and singer. I know I talked about her a lot in this article but she is really the only reason why I went to see the movie. I think that overall, it was a fun movie to watch. It was light hearted and funny. While there was seriousness in the movie, it wasn’t a depressing movie where people die. I would love to go see this movie again. If you have read through this and haven’t seen the movie please go and do so, if you’re feeling blue it will cheer you up.