Pisces aka Why Am I So Emotionally Exhausted?

Avery Ritch, Staff Writer

Have you been kinda down lately? Emotions out of whack? Friend drama? Blame the retrograde in Pisces! There are eight more days left of the first mercury retrograde of the year, and I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s been really tough. Retrogrades can have a HUGE and negative effect on your communications with others, and cause frustration, delay, and confusion, whether it’s frazzled travel plans or an email blunder. While it’s said that intuition is actually heightened during these periods, this is usually more helpful when it comes to reflecting on the past. To make it worse, this retrograde is taking place in Pisces season, a water sign, and perhaps THE MOST emotional sign. Guess when the other two retrogrades are? Cancer season and Scorpio season. Both of which are water signs which are so awesome BECAUSE they’re emotional but now it’s just… Exhausting. Draining. Not cool mercury. Not cool Pisces. But hey, this next one in July rolls over to Leo season! (because we have to be a part of everything I guess). But lucky you, the retrograde will allow you to focus more on your personality and the way you present yourself! Watch out though, promises are more likely to be broken during this time and travel can be halted unexpectedly. An obstacle on the road, car breaking down, or missing a plane/ bus. Hold off on buying any new household appliances or contract signing. Hang in there Cougars!