Let’s Hope This B.S. Pays Off!

Where this year’s seniors are going to college.


Isabella Janney, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s that time of year: seniors are committing to colleges! Decision Day isn’t officially until May 1st, but in case you’re curious, here are a few seniors who have already decided where they’ll be spending their next four years and why they chose their school!


Bekah Redinger – University of Montana

“The city of Missoula is super similar to Colorado Springs and I felt at home there.”


Kayla Garcia – University of Northern Colorado

“When I found out that they had a good nursing program, I knew that’s where I would end up. It was just fate. I can’t wait to be a bear!”


Mia Shaeffer – University of San Diego

“They have a lot of great academic resources and the school is in a beautiful location! Also the swim team was very kind and welcoming!”


Isabella Janney – University of Missouri

“The journalism program at Mizzou is amazing and everything about the school seems like a perfect fit for me. Everyone I’ve met there has been super nice and helpful and the campus is beautiful!”


Lacey Redinger – St. John’s River State College

“I got a scholarship to play volleyball there.”


Autumn Walther – Colorado State University – Fort Collins

“It’s affordable, in-state, and I love Fort Collins!”


Jillian Meister – Colorado State University – Fort Collins

“I fell in love with the campus and the city and they have really good programs and advocation for environmental conservation which is what I want to study.”


Rico Ortiz – Minnesota St. Paul



Isabelle Wilson – University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

“I toured other schools and their nursing programs but nothing came close to how much I loved the UCCS campus. The campus encompasses everything I love about Colorado Springs!”


Connor McCarrie – University of Wyoming

“Well I wanted to visit Wyoming when I found out I got a pretty decent scholarship there. So I visited and I just really like everything about it: he campus was beautiful and the culture there was really outdoor oriented which I really loved!”


Shana Brinkman – University of Colorado – Boulder

“The location is perfect: it’s far enough away that I can get the full college experience but also close enough that I can come home whenever I want. Also, their science program is really good and I want to get the best education I can.”


Andrea Flores – Colorado Mesa University

“CMU was just another college on my list that I was considering. But once I visited, I just knew that it was my perfect fit and the best school for me to start this next chapter in my life.”


Becca Rugg – Colorado State University – Fort Collins

“The initial draw of CSU was because it was a lot more affordable than other similar schools in Colorado and out of state. After visiting a couple of times, I like the overall feel of the campus and the people that I met when I was there!”


Isa Lyda – Northern Arizona University

“I chose NAU because I was very attracted to the campus’s atmosphere and strong presence of community.”


Maddy Morland – Lake Forest College

“I really like the intimacy of the campus, the location, and the education because the student to faculty ratio is really low.”


Beau Thompson – Northern Arizona University

“I chose NAU because they have a great sociology program, excellent activities, it’s not too big of a school and they have smaller class sizes with a highly recommended staff. Flagstaff is one of my favorite towns in America and the outdoors there is incredibly gorgeous. It also has a ton of extra curricular activities I’m super hyped for.”


Arielle Bakken – St. Olaf College

“I want to go to law school after my undergraduate and St. Olaf has a really good pre-law program and I also want to continue doing foreign language beyond Coronado and they have great language programs and study abroad programs.”


Tucker Travins – University of Colorado – Boulder

“I visited the campus a few months ago for a physics lecture and really enjoyed the campus. I am aware that they have a strong engineering college, which I will attend, and I also was offered scholarship money.”


Shauna Mackay – Colorado State University

“CSU really just exceeded any other college I was considering in ever way: it has a plethora of majors and stud abroad programs and also offers fun extracurriculars such as sports, clubs, and outdoor activities. For a student like me who loves to stay busy and be involved in as much as possible while still being challenged, CSU is the perfect college.”


It’s not uncommon for seniors to change their mind at the last minute, so keep in mind that this list isn’t set in stone! Be sure to congratulate these seniors when you see them!