Band Brings The Heat!

Band, like many of the opportunities Coronado has to offer, is something we heavily recommend exploring!

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Band Brings The Heat!

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

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Coronado is like many schools, with a large variety of ways for students to spend their time. Unlike many schools, however, Coronado offers a truly unique experience that simply cannot be beat! From SEDS to Dance Club, there are just so many possibilities for Cougars to show their school spirit!


With this variety of things to do, it might get a little hectic to choose where to start, so we hope to point out some areas that might be of interest! Activities like orchestra, choir and band are always looking for more participants, and are more than happy to take in students!


Coronado’s band classes give some of the best opportunities our great high school has to offer, from a multitude of trips and scholarships. Mr. Combs, the band director, has had an amazing year with the 2018-2019 band classes.


We have had a great year. We took the Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra to New York to play at Carnegie Hall and it went very well. We visited the 9/11 Museum, saw the Statue of Liberty and other sites. There’s lots of growth opportunities I think. Our Jazz Band 1 was one of two high school jazz bands from the entire state to perform at the Colorado Music Educators Association convention at the Broadmoor, and they did a fabulous job. Also, our Wind Ensemble made it to the State Concert Band Festival which will be held on 4/5  at CSU in Ft. Collins.”


As the school year goes on, Mr. Combs sees so much improvement from his students, and he grows prouder as the days pass by. “I do believe the entire music department has improved noticeably since the beginning of the year. All of our bands, choirs and orchestras are performing at a very high level due to the hard work the students have put in. Listening to recordings of the first day of rehearsals in August and comparing them to current recordings is quite dramatic! As in any endeavor, there is always room for improvement and that’s what keeps things alive. We can always strive to get better at everything we do and that’s what all of us are doing. No letting up!”


Through consistent training and application, Mr. Combs accelerates the growth of his students’ talents. Mr. Combs, like the other teachers in the musical department, has done much to make more Cougars aware of the great opportunities that band has to offer. “We have done a lot to encourage students to play in band at Coronado. We did a number of concerts at the middle schools so the middle school students can hear our outstanding groups, and we also hosted the Holmes Middle School bands to perform on our concerts here at Coronado. Plus I go around to the middle schools to listen to students audition for next year’s bands.”


The music department as a whole consists of wonderful teachers like Mr. Combs, wonderful opportunities, a friendly atmosphere, and possible career paths for all Cougars, regardless of preexisting knowledge. “Band is a very worthwhile activity that develops not only musical skills, but teamwork and discipline, and demonstrates how hard work can pay off.We would love to have you! You will create lifelong memories by being in Coronado’s bands.”


We hope to see many more Cougars go into the music department, and develop skills that are unique to the Coronado experience!


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