Coronado Compliments- Changing the Compliment Game!

Coronado has a brand new account in its name called Coronado Compliments! The Instagram handle is dedicated to making people happy and spreading good vibes!

Coronado Compliments- Changing the Compliment Game!

Mohss Elaine and Raven Sanchez

As many high schools go, many people focus on the worst parts of these four years. There’s always some spat of drama or lackluster behavior, and there are very few students who demonstrate positivity. However, there are a few that try to break the mold and show positivity in every area of high school! These people try to spread positive behaviors and compliments through the hallways, and make our school as a whole an even better place to be!

As you may have noticed, there has been a recent boom of social media influence for Coronado. With the new Advertising for Mass Media classes (which you should definitely take), the variety of Snapchat accounts, and (arguably the most famous) Instagram accounts, Coronado has shaped a way to reach out to students through social media!


The newly revealed face to the CHS social media scene is Jaden Hansen, as he is the one to thank for the new page called Coronado Compliments! The name of the page says it all, when you visit @coronadocompliments, you see this ocean of compliments from people across the school, and good vibes are spread every day!


Many people have been curious as to what compelled Jaden Hansen to do something so constructive. Hansen’s inspiration had been sparked the moment that he noticed that “Manitou actually had their own compliments page.” Hansen claims that the moment he saw it, he thought, “hey, it would be really cool if we had that too.”


The Manitou Compliments Page was something of a reaction to a negative occurrence, but it was an occurrence that made a monumental emotional impact on them. The creator of the Manitou Compliments Page, who would like to be kept anonymous at this time, was inspired by “a middle schooler [who] told one of [her] friends about how she was being compared to a classmate, and that she needed to be ‘better.’” they explained in the interview.

Manitou’s Compliment Page has inspired many, and has caused Hansen to become a new source of inspiration, much like what he was influenced by. He takes pride in his ability to say that Coronado is “beating [Manitou’s Compliment Page] in followers and posts by a long shot.”

Hansen runs his page with the idea that all people, students especially, need positivity in their daily lives. It was made with the intention of  filling Coronado High School with positivity and giving students a more favorable outlook of Coronado.


What surprised him was that he was providing students with “a great comeback from the Coronado Insults Page. It was weird because I had actually never even heard of that page, so it was kind of a need to just come back with the positive things without knowing that there were negative things.”


Many Coronado students may have seen Jaden’s face reveal on KUGR-TV, where he explained that not many people believed it was him. Ever since then, he has been faced with more positivity, if not a little shock. “[My life has] not changed by much, entirely. It is pretty good because I did not want some ‘Oh my gosh’ kind of legend thing. I was just kind of discreet about it. I mean, it is a little bit better because people are like ‘hey, aren’t you the Coronado Compliments guy?’ and I am just like *snap* ‘yes I am!’”

The creator of the Manitou Compliments Page believes that kindness does not need a face to exist, and that everyone needs to have positivity and support in their lives no matter what school they attend. They feel that the happy vibe that accompanies their page “just needs to be from the students making these compliments.” The creator is not planning a face reveal anytime soon for this reason.


Jaden’s face reveal was definitely executed in a unique way; he has found that his reveal methods have been beneficial and worth the efforts he made. It started with simple questions that started to appear on the Coronado Compliments Page’s story for followers of the page to answer. The questions started off asking who specifically they thought he was because there were many guesses made prior to the decision to ask those questions. They then began to ask from guesses on gender, grade, and physical appearance.


The results of these questions and polls were shocking to Jaden because they did not come as close to the accurate description he has thought would occur. “Partially, [and] in some aspects, yes [it has benefited me]. It was mainly a way to kind of get out the bigger message of do not judge anyone based on how they look whatsoever because I did polls on the page. I was like ‘hey, how do you expect me to look?’ Basically, to sum it up, people thought I was short with brown hair, brown eyes, a girl, upperclassmen, and LGBT. That’s kind of the opposite. I mean, it’s pretty good and the main thing is that a lot of people make a first judgment based on how someone looks. Starting off anonymous kind of took away that ‘look to judge’ right away, so a lot of people got to know the good before making an initial judgment. I thought that was pretty good.”


Many people would have been offended by being called what they are not and being classified solely off of stereotypes, but Jaden is not one of those people. In fact, the results that Jaden received only made him want to reveal himself more. “No, those assumptions did not bother me really. Those guesses or thoughts actually kind of made me a little bit more eager to be like ‘hey, totally opposite person’ because those people were not expecting me.”


Jaden’s work has made his own life substantially more positive, but that positivity has not just been impacting him. After watching the Coronado Compliments Page become more and more popular, Jaden has been able to learn exactly what it is that students appreciate most about the page. “I think the majority of people just like being able to either anonymously compliment someone they might be too nervous complimenting in person, or also being able to wake up, check their phone, and say ‘hey, I’m tagged in a post’ that’s something about them. Just overall, I am enjoying the positivity that other people are receiving. I think it’s pretty good.”


The Coronado Compliments Page has allowed many Coronado Students to experience and hear some of the coolest remarks from each other, but they are not the only ones who get to bask in the positivity. Jaden Hansen believes that he has experienced some of the best things that Coronado has to offer, and he feels that he would not have had those experiences without the support students have given his efforts. The greatest experience he feels he has gotten to have because of his work is “being on KUGR-TV. That is kind of [him] personally, but it has kind of helped [him] be more involved with everyone else rather than ‘this group of people’ and ‘this set of people.’ Everyone has their own friend groups, right? Rather than just talking to my friend group, I get to talk to a lot more different people that normally, I would not be able to talk to. It is just kind of expanding who I know.”


As far as future endeavors and pages go, Hansen does not have anything in mind. He is putting his effort into making the Coronado Compliments Page the best that it can be, and he is continuing to make sure positivity is being continuously spread. “Right now, I basically just kind of keep planning on posting and all that, and help spread [positivity] even more.”

Many students are not aware of this, but Hansen has tried exploring the idea he had “ Make a talents page, and I did, but it is not going as well because there are only three posts.”


Anyone who is interested in visiting Hansen’s Instagram pages should definitely check them out!

They were created so that all students could have a voice even if they do not want to be credited for it.


Hansen has created a welcoming community within Coronado, and it is definitely worth being a part of. As the Manitou Compliments Creator said so well in the interview, “there is always positivity, and that [students] just have to find it amongst each other.” Positivity is everywhere, and all it takes to spread it is one person.


If these compliment pages have taught students anything, it is that they are perfectly capable of spreading positivity, and it is so easy to do so. If any students are interested in spreading more positivity but are unsure of how to do so, Hansen has some suggestions for them: “Get to know someone for who they are on the inside before making an initial judgment because making an initial judgment or that first judgment can change a lot of different things. In reality, if [someone] were to talk to them and they’d be super smart or have the exact same interests as you, it would just be super funny and pretty cool too. Get to know people, talk to people a bit more, and be open with  yourself as well. Do not fear the judgment because that judgment is bound to change after a little bit.”


If any students want to go and support any of these pages, their Instagram usernames will be put below. Hansen is currently taking suggestions on how he can improve either of his pages, and he is open to ideas anyone has for new pages (that they do not plan to do themselves later on). Hansen is also planning on creating a Gaming Club for Coronado. Right now, there are a small group of Super Smash Bros. fanatics in the club, but Hansen is looking to expand his club in every way possible. If students are interested in joining, or have any questions, they should contact Hansen.We hope that the Coronado Compliments page inspires you to support your fellow students, and become more involved and enthusiastic at Coronado!


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