26 years down!

Mr. Lagergren is retiring after 26 years of teaching at Coronado.


Isabella Janney, Co-Editor in Chief

As the 2019 school year comes to a close, we have another teacher retiring after a long, rewarding career teaching math here at Coronado: Mr. Lagergren.


Mr. Lagergren has taught at Coronado for 26 years. He has taught “everything from pre-algebra to calculus” and says that “the staff and the students here are the best; I wouldn’t have stayed this long if I didn’t think so!”


Senior Izzy Wilson took precalculus with Mr. Lagergren last year and says, “Mr. Lagergren is always willing to work with students to further their success and is really great at teaching precalc.” President Connor McCarrie agrees. He is taking precalculus this year and says “he was always available to help me and you can tell he is always very passionate about what he does.”


Thank you for your years of teaching, Mr. Lagergren. You will be missed!