Study Tips to Not Drop Out

Here are some helpful tips for the school year!


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

Whether you like it or not, school has started again. This means homework, quizzes, tests and other school assignments. If you would rather not take high school again, here are a couple study tips from your classmates.


 To Gracie Nowlan, studying means, “taking my education into my own hands and being accountable for my own education”. Gracie says, “find how you learn best and adapt, for me that means making flashcards and reviewing your notes from class.” From a student with a 4.4 GPA, Gracie has used all of these studying tips and has used them throughout her years at Coronado to keep her grades and GPA up.


 For Serena Goble, “studying is where I sit at home in a quiet room with a book and focus on any subject I need and read over my notes.” The top five studying tips that work for her are and many others are, taking notes in class, study with a friend, don’t procrastinate, pay attention in class, keep your notes organized, and taking breaks in between.


Studying can be tiring and frustrate you. To some students, the biggest struggles to studying are taking too many breaks or when studying with friends, they don’t always study. On the other hand, we all have our motivations to keep pushing harder in school everyday. Find your motivation to study, ask for help, and cry a little before you completely give up on studying.


Studies show, studying harder in shorter periods of time is more effective than studying for hours on end without focusing and receiving any information. Studies also show crying can be soothing and relieve stress.  In conclusion, pass your classes, don’t drop out, and cry as much as you need while you’re studying.