School Spirit

Miles Medina, Staff writter

School spirit is an important feature of any school. What makes Coronado a great place to be is everyone’s support. Whether it’s athletics, clubs, or academics cougars are constantly supporting each other. Coronado is a great place where everyone can demonstrate school spirit. Athletics, clubs, and academics are just a few of the ways that students can start getting involved here at Coronado. Student Body President, Abby Gerber, says, “We’re working hard this year to involve everyone in everything to improve school spirit.” It’s really easy for students to get involved, through MADD red and gold Fridays, sporting events, cheering for our robotics team, or going to the production of Cinderella (coming out soon). It’s incredibly important for students to participate in school-sponsored events, and it can be really fun and enjoyable. Show up and support your fellow cougars! 


Showing school spirit can be a fun, engaging way to support your friends, your fellow students, and Coronado. The sight of crazy spectators clad in red can mean the difference between a victory and a loss. Not only can you personally help your favorite teams win, but you can also encourage your friends and family to go and just have a good time. Make sure to wear something red wherever you go to a game.


Make sure to look out for any spirit weeks that are coming up (remember Homecoming Week!!), but also try and participate in all of the weekly spirit related activities: MADD red and gold Fridays, Hawaiian Shirt Wednesdays, and so many other fun Coronado traditions.

                                                                                                                                                                  Here are some upcoming events to keep your eye out for:

    • Club Kickoff – September 4
    • Cougar Coffee House – September 13


  • Homecoming Week –  September 23 -27
  • Homecoming Parade – September 28
  • The Homecoming Dance – September 28



Remember, have fun and support Coronado!