A Homecoming Week to Remember

Get in the know about Homecoming Week this year!


Gracie Nowlan, Co Editor-in-Chief

If you’re ready for a taste of school spirit, Homecoming Week is the perfect opportunity for you! The week of September 24th through the 28th, Coronado’s Homecoming is in full swing, and everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun!


Get ready for some Hollywood Magic as this year’s theme is engaging for all grades! The spirit days are as follows:


Monday: No School

Tuesday: “Breakfast Club”- Pajama Day

Wednesday: “Harry Potter” – Class Colors

Freshman – Sytherin (Green)

Sophomores – Ravenclaw (Blue)

Juniors – Hufflepuff (Yellow)

Seniors – Gryffindor (Red)

Thursday: “Austin Powers” – 60’s/70’s

Friday: “Friday Night Lights” – MADD Red and Gold


Don’t forget to dress up and show up with your CHS school spirit! If you’re looking to show up in a crown and sash, voting for the Homecoming Court will take place on September 4th during Cougar Connection, and voting for the King and Queen will happen during Cougar Connection once again on September 11th.


For the big football fans out there, a second opportunity to watch a game will take place at Garry Berry on the 25th for the Powder Puff game. Be there at 7pm to support and cheer on the female players as the Juniors and Seniors take each other on for the win. 


The annual bonfire is also a great event to attend during the week, on Thursday the 26th. Come out to the baseball field at sunset to join in on the experience! The pep rally/assembly will then occur on Friday the 27th during school, to remind everyone to come out the game, parade, and dance and get us all excited!


At 7 pm, the long awaited Homecoming game against Palmer will happen at Garry Berry on the 27th. Let’s pack the student section and cheer on the boys to victory this year with our MADD Red and Gold. Saturday morning, the 28th, the annual Homecoming parade will march through Old Colorado City at 10am, and staging begins at 8:30am for all of the clubs and sports involved.


Lastly, to end the week on a high note, the Homecoming dance occurs on Saturday, the 28th from 8-11pm in the gym. Come ready to dance the night away and make this homecoming one for the books by showing your school spirit! High school is just too short to miss out on these memories!