Why Should You go to Sporting Events?


Spencer Stepp, Staff Writer

The school year has started back up, and that can only mean one thing, sports are back in full swing!  Actually, it means a lot of different things, but for the sake of argument, we’re going to focus on the sports aspect of it. 


The football team kicked off their season on Monday against Cheyenne mountain at Gerry Berry Stadium. The Cross Country team is going full steam ahead with a meet on the 14th hosted by Air Academy. On the third, the Coronado Volleyball teams took on Lewis Palmer on their home court. The very next day, The Boys soccer teams played Green Mountain with JV playing at Green Mountain High School, and Varsity playing at Lakewood Memorial Stadium.  And on September Fifth, Varsity tennis played Liberty High School, with JV playing here at Coronado. Finally, On Wednesday Varsity golf played at Pine Creek Golf Course. 


However, even though we have all these great sporting events, they are still missing one key element. That key element is you! There are so many reasons to go out and support your Cougars, and here are just a few of them.


Be a Part of Something!

There is a separate community that is created through athletics, and being a part of that community is one of the most rewarding feelings. Whether you are a student, or an athlete, or a student-athlete, people that you meet at games and meets will often become great friends. There is always a certain camaraderie at sports venues or a shared love for one thing, and this love for a sport or team just creates a commonality that people are attracted to. On the sidelines, we are all one family with a common goal, and it is always a big, happy family, why not choose to be a part of it?


Show Your School Spirit!

One of the things that really Makes Coronado great is the amount of school spirit that we have. When walking around the halls, it’s impossible not to see people wearing cougar t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and socks. We are proud of our school, and we want everyone to know it!  When you wear a cougar shirt to a game or meet, the players notice. As an athlete, I know how nice it is to see people dressed in red yelling your name, or cheering for your school. Often times this is what makes or breaks a team. You being there matters to the team! Show how proud you are of them!


Catch Up With Friends!

High School can be stressful, and we all know how important having good friends is to help ease the pressure. If you have a good friend that has helped you a lot, go to a football game or a Cross Country Meet! Chances are you’ll see some of your other friends there, and you will have a blast. These games aren’t just sporting events, they are social events too! Go and have fun with your friends, family, and teachers. Eat some stadium food, share a joke with friends, and sit and watch your cougars play!


One More Reason!

Our coaches and athletes are some of the hardest working people out there. If for nothing else, go ahead and support the people who help make our school great. The level of dedication required to play or coach a sport at the levels some of our athletes and teachers do is almost unheard of. They work because they love the game they play, and you are part of that game! 

You, the fan, are part of the reason why some of these people put in the hours after school and into the night that they do. So, if for nothing else, go to the game for the players and coaches, who dedicate huge chunks of time for something they love. Go and support them. As an athlete, there is nothing as uplifting as seeing people cheering for you when you truly just want to quit.


So, in short, go. Go grab your walking taco (do they still sell those?) Find yourself a shady spot (it isn’t autumn yet,) show your cougar pride, and enjoy the game. Go Cougars!