Welcome to Coronado Mr. Ottmer!


Spencer Stepp, Staff Writer

Mr. Ottmer is a new teacher this year, so let us give him a proper welcome to Coronado. After teaching at Doherty for sixteen years, he is very excited to be teaching here. In addition to working closer to home and his children, he is here at Coronado because of the excellent students and staff. Mr. Ottmer is the Biology and Human Anatomy teacher; he is an avid outdoorsman and loves being around teenagers. In fact, he enjoys the outdoors so much that he wants to combine his love of biology with his love for Mother Nature, and is going to start an outdoor leadership club starting next year. If anyone is interested, be on the lookout for details starting next year!


As it turns out, teaching runs in Mr. Ottmer’s genealogy. His mother was an elementary school teacher, so he has always had a love for enriching the educational experiences of his students because of that. “I specifically teach biology because I want my students to have an understanding of the natural world around them,” he said in the interview. He will be taking the place of Mr. Richardson this year, and has been waiting for the spot to open up for quite some time. He briefly talked about all of the years that he was at Doherty just waiting for an opportunity to come and teach here. Mr. Ottmer is the only anatomy teacher in the school, so if you have an interest in how the human and animal bodies work, make sure to get on his roster for next year.


Mr. Ottmer is a great new addition to our Coronado community. Speaking of community, we should keep striving to improve ours to make new teachers and new students alike feel welcome. He talked about the wonderful sense of school spirit and togetherness here at Coronado. “I so often see people in the hall being generally nice and helpful towards one another.: This is something that should continue throughout the school year by participating in spirit days, going to sporting events, or just generally being proud of your school.


If you see a new teacher or student in the hallway or classroom, be kind and welcoming. Coronado should be a place that everyone feels welcome and has a place in. So all students should treat Mr Ottmer with respect and kindness to make him feel like he is part of a great school community. 


Because Mr. Ottmer feels so welcomed and included here at Coronado, he wanted to give something back, so being the wise and caring person he is, he left me with some parting words of wisdom for you all. “It’s going to be a long hard winter. Don’t eat yellow snow, kids.”