Softball Season Starting off as a Home Run!

Coronado’s varisty softball girls are kicking off the season as a home run!


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

Coronado’s varsity softball team this year has started off the season as a home run! Already at 11-1, this year has been kicked off great. Coronado’s team is over the national average on home runs, stolen bases, batting averages, fielding percentages, and on-base percentages. According to Taiyah Mooney, our sophomore second baseman, the team is playing just as well as the statistics show and the team is on a great track.


As with every sports team, our softball team has its ups and downs. To Taiyah, “We all struggle a little bit on batting and we can work on that, but our fielding is really good and we do have really great hitters.” With that being said, with a little work on batting, “our goal together is to make to the playoffs and maybe to state, my personal goal for us to even win league.” The last time Coronado’s softball team won League was 2001, our team has been working hard at practices and games to change that for this year.


The biggest struggle for the team was playing Mesa Ridge, and yet they overcame it and won! To Taiyah, “It was probably the closest game we ever played, we learned to really stick together and persevere together.” She goes on to say that, “it was a tough battle so we had to learn how to really focus and overcome the pressure.” Even though “it was a tough battle and we had to learn how to really focus and overcome the pressure.” As Taiyah puts it, it was still the varsity girl’s “favorite game”.


Come support your softball team this Friday, September 13th. The game is at and against Lewis-Palmer High School at 3:30 pm. It will be another tough battle but with teamwork growing and student support, Rampart doesn’t stand a chance!