All Out, All Game, All Season

This years varsity volleyball team has started off the year better than ever!


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

This Varsity Volleyball season has been tough for all of the players. Maycie Rogers is a Junior here at Coronado on the Varsity team; in her opinion opinion, “The team is doing very well, we just had a tournament and got second in that, so to me we’re doing pretty good.” To show, Coronado’s team is going with a lead of 6 wins and 5 losses and is ranked 41st in state. With amazing serves, kills, hits, and blocks, Coronado’s team is hitting off this years season to an exceptional start. 

Statistics show, this season is better than last year and the past seasons. Maycie emphasized, “I’m really proud of my team, compared to past years we’re doing a lot better because last year at the tournament we didn’t win any games.” In Maycie’s opinion the team could work on teamwork and communication during the games. Focusing on teamwork will hit the team into another exceptional season and set of wins. On the other hand, “The team is great at having motivation and positive energy on and off the courts and celebrating each others wins.” 

The most recent game against Lewis Palmer has been the toughest game to the team, even though it was the most hyped up game and they are one of our biggest competitors. The loss was tough, but they quickly recovered when they played their next game against Pueblo County. On the contrary, the most fun games were from the past tournament the weekend of September 14th because they did better than they thought they would achieving second place. 

As Coronado’s varsity team outside hitter, Maycie encourages everyone to come to their next game to cheer the girls into another win. The game is against Discovery Canyon and is a home game! It starts at 6 pm this Tuesday, October 6th. With teamwork and a supporting audience, Discovery Canyon will take home the loss.