Cougars Care: Clothing Exchange and Donations


Aidan Janney, Staff Writer

Cougars Care is an integral part of the Coronado community, providing help to Coronado and Community families year after year, and helping to further the academic, athletic, and social lives of students. Cougars Care relies on donations from the community to get food, clothing, and school supplies, and with the school year beginning once again, it is the perfect time to help support. 


The Clothing Exchange is coming up on Wednesday, October 2! All Day in the Auditorium Lobby


The Clothing Exchange is a great opportunity for everyone to contribute something to Cougars Care and get new clothes for the winter season.


The way the clothing exchange will work is that you can bring any clothes you have that are in good condition and clean to the clothing exchange. Then you can take any clothes there that you want if you see something that you like. If you don’t have any clothes to bring, you can still come and get any clothes there, just show up and support Cougars Care if you can. 


You can drop off clothes in the Auditorium Lobby any time on Wednesday, or give them to Mr. Urban before school, after school, or during a class with him.


  • Make sure to bring clothes, toiletries, and any other items for the clothing exchange.


  • There are some items that Cougars Care can use all of the time, such as:
    • Dry Goods (canned foods, pasta, rice, non-perishable, etc.)
    • Healthy Snacks (fruit leathers, granola bars, etc.)
    • Cereal
    • School Supplies (binders, folders, pens/pencils, etc.)
    • Backpacks (especially bigger backpacks)
    • Teenage Clothes
    • Money  (For a wide range of things including school activities and perishable food)


The Thanksgiving Food Drive is a long way off, but just keep it in mind, you can always donate non-perishable food for Thanksgiving, and when Thanksgiving gets closer, fresh food also becomes a donation option, in the meantime, King Soopers gift cards, cardboard boxes, and even more canned goods are good options.


If you have any more questions, you can ask Mr. Urban in Room 111 or go to the Cougars Care website