Registration Deadlines for SAT and ACT

Aidan Janney, Staff Writer

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The SAT and ACT are important tests in high school, there are many options this year to take the SAT or ACT again to improve your score, work on your testing skills, or possibly take it early for the first time. The registration for the first two opportunities this year on October 5th and 26th have passed, but there are 3 more testing opportunities fast approaching.

Upcoming Tests:

  • November 2 – SAT Testing
  • December 7 – SAT Testing
  • December 14 – ACT Testing

Registration Deadlines

  • Oct. 3 – Registration Deadline for Nov. 2 test
  • Nov. 8 – Registration Deadline for Dec. 7 test
  • Nov. 8 – Registration Deadline for Dec. 14 test

See your counselor for any questions or additional information on how to register.

Good luck on the tests!