Hole in One!

Coronado’s golf team is working towards the end of a great season!


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

With scarlet and gold, Coronado’s varsity golf team this season has been below par. Each tournament requires hard work and motivation. To Noah Keller (10), Regionals proved to be the most difficult tournament because it was “really tough for a lot of [them] because [they] started off really rough and for a while it didn’t look like any of [them] were going to make it to state, but [they] pushed through and finished strong.” That never stopped the team from achieving more with each and every new season.


Even though golf is an individual sport, you still need support from your teammates. In Noah’s opinion the team is the best at supporting each other through wins and losses. Although sometimes, “the team could work on the mental side of things, [they all] tend to get worked up on the tournaments and it tends to affect how [they] play.”


Noah is a sophomore varsity golf player. Astoundingly, he has been swinging a golf club since he was four. Although, he only started playing competitively in eighth grade; he has stuck with the sport ever since. Noah is planning on continuing with his golf career into his future. He’s hoping to use golf to get a scholarship or get into a college of his choice. In spite of this, he has his academics to back him up.  


If you see any of your golf players around school, cheer them on to continue to push them to their next win. After asking what the golf team is the best at, Noah’s reply was, “we have a really good interaction with each other, we try to support each other as best as we can even though it’s an individual sport,” with support from their classmates and their teammates, our golf team will be undefeated this year!