Are You Faster Than a Fifth Grader?


Lauren Strizich, Satff Writer

On October 1st, the Coronado cross country team ran three and a half miles to Chipeta Elementary School to support kindergarten through fifth graders as they ran a half-mile race. Coronado students were all over the course lending a helping hand; some were leading races, some were following races, some were passing out ribbons, and some were on the course making sure the little racers knew where to go.


It’s important to show up and support all D11 activities, one day these elementary students will be on their way to high school. By seeing high school students active in their events, it shows that they will grow up one day, and can have a bright future as a Cougar runner. 


Coronado’s top girl’s runner, Grace Abernethy, came to us from Chipeta and for her to go back truly showed students how far they can grow in the next few years. Grace enjoyed going “back to where [she] first started running” spending time with the elementary schoolers was a highlight! 


Cross Country is a community that has offered so many runners a family no matter where they go. For Grace, “running has introduced [her] to so many phenomenal, hard-working people.” She has really valued “being able to work hard with people [she] respects.” Starting runners young allows them to grow in a community that will always be there to support them.  


Being active is critical in life. People need exercise and it is heartwarming to see that the joy for running is implemented in students at such a young age. The meet was successful, and both the Coronado runners and the elementary runners had an amazing time!