AP, CU, and GT: Save These Dates!

These students face a lot of stressors everyday, and keeping track of deadlines should not be one of them!

Preparation is half of success, be half way on your to acing your finals with the schedule below! (Image: NACAS)

Preparation is half of success, be half way on your to acing your finals with the schedule below! (Image: NACAS)

Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Most AP or CU Succeed students have been in their classes since the start of the school year. They are already coming closer and closer to getting a semester’s worth of college credit and to the AP exam window. That means that it is time for them to finalize their participation in that class.

All AP exam orders are due by October 1st for all AP students; every who is taking one of these courses must have their exam order confirmed and submitted on this day.

For all students who are taking CU Succeed classes, there are some deadlines for those as well. Students who are participating in any UCCS CU Gold courses must be registered for them by October 15th. Your tuition contracts are due to Mrs. Schulzki or the instructor of whatever CU Succeed class it is due for by October 18th. Mrs. Schulzki is located in the north end of the library if anyone finds that they need help with the registration process, but make sure to go to her a few days before the deadline!

Now is the perfect time to also mention that District 11 is paying for CU Succeed classes and AP exams this year. Students who do not know yet if they want to take the exam or not should sign up regardless! The exam is free and preparations for the exam are made throughout the year, so there is nothing to lose! 

If a student finds that they are not satisfied with the class, they have until October 24th to drop it and get all of their money back. If a student does not want their money back they can drop the class anytime prior to the end of the school year. 

As far as GT goes, students do not have to turn in anything! Most GT students have been notified and have already known for some time that they are GT students. These students instead will be given a pass on a designated date to attend a GT meeting during Cougar Connection. Every meeting will be held in the north end of the library. There are specific meeting days for each grade level, and by the time this announcement has been published the Freshmen will have had their meeting on October 2nd. Seniors will have their meeting on October 16th, Sophomores will have their meeting on October 23rd, and Juniors will have their meeting on October 30th. 

The most important thing to remember about this is not the specific dates and times, but the fact that Coronado is here to support all of the ambitious students in this school even if they do not participate in any of these programs. Make sure to meet all deadlines, and keep working hard, cougars!