That’s a Game!

Coronado’s boy’s tennis has just ended with some great matches.


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

Boys tennis has ended the season off as another year in the books. As Coach Philipsen leaded the team this season, the boys overall ended with an advantage. With all 104 matches, the boys ended with a total of 56 wins. 


Coronado’s top three performing singles tennis players are Reilly Fredell, 12, Jackson Shaeffer, 11, and Grayson Graham, 12. Fredell, Shaeffer, and Graham, combined have a total of 33 wins and less than half the losses!


 On the other hand, Coronado’s top doubles tennis performers are Remington Van De Veer and William White. Together White, (11), and Van de Veer, (10), have won eight of their matches. Evan Asiano and Kai Kraemer have worked hard and come out to have 9 wins! The third top doubles players are Ty Leonard, (9), and Justin Tasca, (11).


For a further success story, one of Coronado’s tennis players, Evan Johnson, (), has been selected as Player of the Match for the match against Rampart. In addition, Grayson Graham has been selected Player of the Match against Doherty. 


The team’s last win was against Rampart. It ended with Reilly Fredell as the top singles player and a combined total of 6 wins and only one loss overall! Some doubles partners even went into a third set still ending with a win for Coronado. 


All of the boys have pushed through some tough matches to put next years team into a tough spot. The team altogether has worked hard and put in or another great season!