The Class of 2020’s Start of Senior Year!

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The Class of 2020’s Start of Senior Year!

Elle Freer, Staff Writer

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The 2019-2020 school year has begun and our seniors are embarking on their last year of high school! Senior year brings many mixed emotions, so journalism set out to see how six of our seniors are feeling and what they are excited for in their last year in high school.


My first stop was with Charlie Schroeder, who is heavily involved with Coronado Cross Country. This year, Charlie is “excited for new opportunities opening up” and  “[to start experiencing] new things.”He is also “excited knowing the end [of highschool] is almost here” while still looking forward to “having fun [this year] and making the best out of highschool”. Charlie’s last goal for highschool is to “put others before [him] always” ,“shine a light to underclassmen” and be someone people can come to when they need help and support.


Next up was Julian Hogan. Julian participates in football as varsity quarterback and kicker and enjoys participating in Coronado’s construction classes. He is primarily excited to finish out high school well, finish with a high GPA, and graduate onto adult life!


After that was LaDarius Mays, who is involved in football, basketball, and powderpuff coaching, is excited for basketball season and the potential of going to the playoffs again for his senior year and is hoping to go further than last season. During this football season he is looking forward to helping the younger players and “trying to help them get better each day.” His last goal for highschool is for Coronado “to remember [him] and know [he’s] going to do something good after highschool”. 


I also decided to chat with Anna Griffin. She is involved in Varsity Volleyball, which is ranked fourth in state this year ,tennis, NHS, and Link. At the start of her senior year, [she is] excited to have started and get closer to [finishing]. Before she graduates, Anna “[wants] to join as many clubs as possible while [she is not] playing sports” and is most excited for volleyball and tennis season.


Another amazing senior is  Sarah Smith. She is a member of Show Choir, Chamber Choir, Bluenotes, Advanced Acting, Link, and the musical. Sarah’s last goal for high school is to  “[win] state in Show Choir” and “get cast [as] a lead [in a production]”.


Overall, our seniors are pumped for an amazing last year of high school here at Coronado!