Harvest of Love !

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Harvest of Love !

Miles Medina, Staff Writer

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Harvest Of Love

Every year Coronado High School hosts a canned food and money drive for the community, as well as the Coronado families in need of a Thanksgiving meal. The goal of the drive, Harvest of Love, is to provide Coronado families with food and essentials over the Thanksgiving break. Abby Gerber, the student body president, describes Harvest of Love as the, “[collection of] food for families here at Coronado who need food to eat, and [Coronado] base[s] it off of Thanksgiving so kids who do not come for a week have food if they need it. This year, [all donations are] going back into the Coronado community and given to Mr. Urban, so he has food for kids year-round in his classroom [and Cougars Care].” The school has decided to make a competition among the classes in that whichever class brings in the most food will be gifted a pizza party. 


All the days correspond with a spirit day where students can choose to dress up if they bring in  canned food. The competition is scored in points either per can or food item. On some days, certain canned foods are worth double points.Gerber says how, , “the spirit days are a great way to get involved and be reminded of all the people who [the school] can help here. Remember that any little thing helps and even if you don’t have a lot to dress up with you can still donate. We will accept any food any day!”


Harvest of Love Drive Calendar:

Oct 28th 

Student Council delivers- dates and rule for Harvest of love 

Oct 29th 

Tuna Tuesday-

Double points for Canned meats or Peanut butter

Oct 30th

More than water Wednesday-

Double points for soups, gravy, broth, and bullion

Oct 31st


Bring a food item or a $1 if you want to wear a costume

Nov 1st 

Fruit Friday-

Double points for Canned Fruit

Nov 4th

Twin Day-

Double points for two or more of the same item

Nov 5th

Safari Day-

Double points for canned fruit

Nov 6th

Mix and Match/ Crazy Hair Day-

Double points for cereal and pasta

Staff/ Student BB game 

Nov 7th

Metal Head vs. Cowboy Day-

Double points for beans ( cans or bags ) 

Nov 8th

Mad Red and Gold Day-

Double points for healthy snack items

Nov 11th

Mac & Cheese Monday-

Double pts for Mac and Cheese

Nov 12th

Tuna Tuesday-

Double points for any canned meats or Peanut butter

Nov 13th

Whatever Wednesday-

Double points for all items today

Nov 14th

Tomato Tuesday-

Double points for canned Vegetables

Nov 15

Fun Food Friday-

Double points for healthy snacks items 

Nov 18th 

Money Monday-

Double points for $$ 

Drive Smart

Nov 19th 

Thankful Tuesday-

Triple points for Thanksgiving fixings the rest of the week

Nov 20th

Three days left!

Nov 21st

Talent Show

Nov 22nd 

End of Harvest of Love