Baking in Space


Adelyn Nowlan, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 2nd, a cargo craft took off from Virginia. The spacecraft was sent off with an oven along with baking ingredients. This will be the first time astronauts will be trying to bake in space! The oven is known as a “Zero-G oven” and it is the first step to allowing astronauts to bake in space! The spacecraft is headed for the International Space Station.


According to, The objective of the experiment is to test a microgravity oven. The oven will explore the possibility of baking fresh meals on the International Space Station and in a microgravity environment. The oven used for this experiment is a cylindrical, insulated container designed to hold and bake food without gravity. The model is made to secure food while it’s being baked. It also includes a cooling rack to keep food sealed to prevent burning crew members from burning themselves while handling the food. 


With the new oven, scientists will be able to compare Earth’s food and Space food. Space food is usually freeze-dried or pre-prepared. Furthermore, some foods just need water to be added. The new oven will improve the usual space food and benefit astronauts with more flavorful cooked meals. To do this, the oven will use basic heat transferring properties in microgravity. Using the oven will show basic heat transfer properties in microgravity. 


This is not the first time astronauts have experimented with food in space. As stated by, on the International Space Station, astronauts have successfully grown plants to benefit nutritional values and mental health. A part of joy goes into watering and preparing the plants. The more flavorful foods also improve mental health. This is why it is important to get more nutritional and better foods being produced in space. 


Keep watching the news to see the spacecraft take off this year with its own oven. The electric heating elements will improve everything in space including mental health, nutritional values, and obviously some good food.