Reader’s Guild: Not Just a Book Club


Aidan Janney, Staff Writer

            Finding a good book to read can be a challenging task. Sometimes you might just read Harry Potter again and again or not start any new books if you can’t find a new story. The internet can help, but it is still overloaded with too many choices. That is what Reader’s Guild is for. Reader’s guild meets from 3:00 – 4:00 pm on Thursdays in the Library.

            Reader’s Guild is an awesome way to discuss books at Coronado. Reader’s Guild isn’t just a traditional book club either, Alyah Swartz, 12, president of Reader’s Guild, says that in the club, “everyone reads a book on their own and [anyone] [can] just come and [share] what [they] liked about it … a lot of people don’t even share books … you can come to just get book recommendations.” 

            Alyah is super enthusiastic about Reader’s Guild and encourages everyone to come if they want to learn about interesting books or discuss their latest favorite read. Reader’s Guild is a great club for any students who would like to read more and get great novel recommendations from every genre. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and there is absolutely no pressure to read books every week. The club also has “snacks … like chips and cookies” and a variety of other snacks.

            Reader’s Guild is a great alternative to a traditional book club because it welcomes people who enjoy all kinds of genres, and allows everyone to share a little bit about what they read and bond with other avid reader’s around the school. Come check it out next Thursday!