Rejoignez le Club Français!

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Rejoignez le Club Français!

Mohss Elaine, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Coronado holds a very diverse population of students and teachers alike, with so many interests and proficiencies. Like many clubs, the French club holds very significant meaning to the Coronado community.


Vice President Emily Sutton, 12, has a distinct love of different cultures and lives outside of the United States. She has been working extremely hard to make sure she balances her academics with her intrigues, having found peace in centering around the French club. 


“Last year, I wasn’t in the French club for most of last year, because scheduling was really chaotic, so I wasn’t very interested in it due to the disorganization. But this year, I think Madame Holmes, Temaya Nestegard and I have worked together to make sure that it’s as organized as it can be. We make sure that we document who goes and what we do, and we have a specific plan for what we’re going to do.”


With a deep love for structure and learning, it gets a little difficult for people like Emily to function at their highest when there’s no real arrangement. Instead of shutting down, Emily devised a plan to work in the French club and optimize their meetings and schedule as best she can.


“As strange as it is, I really love our planning sessions. We do them typically during lunch, but it was really fun to just sit down and put in ideas and look at what we could do, and decide to do them. We have more freedom. I’m hoping we can do more of the really cool activities. It’s a wonderful experience.”


Emily was initially drawn to the French club due to their out-of-the-box projects and activities that the club created. Now that she’s in and participating alongside other members, she’s so excited about what’s to come. 


“Sometimes we make food, like ratatouille, make arts and crafts here and there, sometimes we play little Frech games, so games like Monopoly but with French roads. We even have French Clue, and we’re hoping to play soon!” 


“Sometimes we watch movies, The movies are really great because they’re usually very lighthearted and comedic.”


“French club is so important because it gives students here a sense of French culture, it helps them experience what the French really care about, and figure out the differences socially. Most parts of France are more advanced compared to ours and having American students learn about the way everyone else lives is really important to understanding other cultures. I think that’s really important.”


“We’d really like more people to come because we’re trying really hard to incorporate ourselves further into Coronado life. French club is a really serious matter to us, so we want more people to participate!”


If you would like to participate in Coronado’s French club, they meet on Tuesdays in Room 401 between 3:10 and 3:15 pm! We hope to see you there!